Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wacky Saturday

Mom and I wanted to thank everyone who has left a comment so far on our 200th Post Giveaway. All the comments have been so positive and great that there are no words to express our gratitude to everyone.  Mom and I espeically want to thank Shannon of MissFickleMedia and the wonderful post she wrote about us; that post so made our day Shannon!  And thank goodness for your comments because I think that is what got mom through Saturday.
Mustang Hood Opened and Can't Close
 On Saturday morning mom dropped her car off to have the oil chaned the tire's rotated.  I came and picked her up and we went out for breakfast.  We were heading home when mom got the phone call that the Mustang was ready to be picked up, but there was a problem.  The whole way to the dealership mom and I were trying to figure out what was wrong with the car and how much it would cost to fix it.

Mom went into the dealership to pick up the car when the service guy said he had to get the floor manager to talk with mom (today mom didn't wear her hearing aids).  The floor manager came to talk to mom and said there was an accident with mom's Mustang.  At first it didn't register with mom what he said and then it did and mom said, "My Car!".  What happened is the Mustang rolled off the lift, fell to the floor and ran into the garage door breaking all the glass in the windows.  I think mom was going to cry when she came out to tell me what happened.  I went home to wait for mom while she got the rental from the dealership.  We had to end up going back to the dealership because she didn't have her garage door opener.  I went inside with her and took two pictures, which I don't think the floor manager liked.  There is so much damage to the front end and who knows what is going on underneath.  I tried for the whole day to come up with positive things about why this happened and I did come up with a few.
Brand new bumper all scratched and headlights need replaced
We did do a couple of things to try and get this off mom's mind.  This weekend was Purdue's Homecoming weekend and there was an open house over at the Visual and Performing Arts building.  The arts department is using the Florence H. Lonsford Fund to acquire artwork to put in the building and outside.  Earlier this year was a dedication for Silver Bowl by Deborah Butterfield and next year we have a dedication to Stickwork by Patrick Dougherty. 
The Tabula Rasa - Helena Hernmarck

Yesterday's dedication was for The Tabula Rasa tapestry by Helena Hernmarck.  It is absolutly gorgeous.  It now hangs in the stairwell hallway from the second floor to the first floor.  It was really interesting to see how she made this tapestry and showed images of other tapestry's she has made.  I cannot see working on a piece like this for 13 months straight!  I want short and easy projects!  Plus no measurements.

Set Up for Frankfort

Once we got home from all of our running around, mom worked on setting up the table and shelves with our inventory for our final show of the season at Frankfort Public Library.  This is the art show mom and I have been dreaming of entering and we got in this year.  I wanted a table cloth of black with burgandy overlays.  The new table cloths came in this week and I think they look great.  Mom wanted to lay out the inventory to figure out what we want to take and how it will be set up and then she drew out a diagram of the table.  We still have about four more bowls and five more necklaces we want to make for this show.

Today mom and I are working on making up inventory, labeling and making commissioned pieces.  I am also working on taking photographs of the inventory (because of both externals crashing).  I am hoping we can file and sand the pendants and bowls this week and get them enameled up next weekend.  So much to get done and so little time!

I hope you all had a great weekend and wonderful weather like we are having! 
Peace out!


  1. OH MOM! That just! I can't believe that happened! Huge Hugs

    Oh the table looks heavenly I am sure it will attract customers!


  2. Ouch! I'm so sorry to hear about that. Best part of it, I suppose is that it wasn't your fault and it happened with a dealer. So they SHOULD be anxious to make it right for you. Yeah, my first thought after the description was just how much damage is underneath the car.

    Hope your week is MUCH better!

  3. OMG. I thought things like that only happened in the movies. Poor car!


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