Sunday, May 9, 2010

Preparation and Hurricane Delphi, I mean Carrol County Art Show

Sum up of the show:

Brand New Tent Broken - $300
Enameled Copper Earrings Broken - $15
Mom's Foot Messed Up - $187 per shot
Compliments On Our Work - Priceless

Friday, May 7th, mom and I both took the afternoon off from work so we could prepare for our first art show of the year.  It is a good thing we did take the afternoon off or we would have been working until midnight; instead we were done by 8:00 pm, and I was able to go home and enjoy a bottle of wine and mom had a couple of wine slushies to relax.  It is a good thing we both drank, because I think that is what got us through the morning of the 8th.  We had the car packed to the brim and mom's seat was in the dashboard.  Thank goodness she has short legs.

Rear of Car

Knees in Dashboard

Driver Side

It was a freaking hurricane man.  At least that is what I thought when I woke up and heard the wind blowing.  My thoughts were "Oh Great!  Setting up the tent is going to be fun!".

I picked mom up and off we went on our merry way.  It is a good thing I drank some coffee or I would have been more of a grouch!  I have to give it to the event organizers, they had an awesome bunch of volunteers to help the vendors, especially on such a sucky, windy day.

Mom and I got the tent set up and the weights on the legs but that didn't help at all.  The sides of the tent acted like wind sails and about took us flying to freaking Oz man.  The wind also knocked over one of our tables that had our pedestals and boards on them.  It is a good thing we hadn't put any inventory out yet. 

So, it was off to Plan B.  We packed up the tent, which one of the struts is cracked, the pedestals and boards into the car, and then moved the rest of our stuff to an alley.  We got set up and the wind shifted.  We were now located in a wind tunnel.  Which about took the tables with the inventory flying.

So, it was on to Plan C.  The organizers moved us into the courthouse (they must have known something about us that we didn't know).  Again, I have to give koodoos to the volunteers for helping us move and move the rest of the vendors.  I think mom and I put a full days work within two hours that morning.  Oh, and my coffee got knocked over, WTH!

We weren't able to set up like we planned, but we were able to finally set up.  Thank goodness!  And I am glad we were moved inside because it was freaking cold and started to rain.  Believe me mom would have killed me by the end of the day; "I am cold!", "Is it almost over with?", "Where is the coffee?".  We did pretty well for the amount of traffic we had.  I do have to say mom and I plan on going to the event again next year.  The event was well organized, the volunteers were super and the atmosphere was great.  Mother Nature just had other plans for us.

Here are two photos of the set up.  Not all the inventory is out because we didn't have enough room.  We had tables set up on both sides of the hallway and had no room for our screen or much room for ourselves.  But we improvised, adapted and overcame!

Jewelry Set Up

Bowl Set Up

Now that school is over with, thank freaking goodness, I have also been taking photogrpahs of bowls and jewelry and I plan on posting some out on Etsy, so keep your eyes open for that.  Plus mom and I are going to try and make up beads and more jewelry in the evenings, so keep posted for updates.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and great weekend!


  1. Your displays looked great - glad your sales went well, despite the wind!

  2. This is why I hate doing outdoor shows!

  3. Yes, but we now can laugh about what happened. Though at the time we were ready to cry!


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