Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pain, New Tent, Pretties, and Need Advice

OMG, I have started to work out again.  I cannot believe how out of shape I am, but I am trying to fix that problem.  On Monday, mom and I made the decision to start working out and try to eat healthy.  That is also the day I said I would stop drinking Pepsi, though I can't give up my coffee or tea.  I did cardio boxing and speedwalking on Monday, mowed on Tuesday, and then did interval training and ab workouts last night.  Thank goodness I stretched or I would be whimpering with every step I took!  I keep reminding myself, just think of the end results; don't think about the scale just think of being in good health and getting into the skinny jeans!

After working out I headed over to mom's house to help her put up our new tent.  Our last tent bit the dust and we had to bury it in a dumpster.  This tent was actually a whole lot easier to put up which was so much nicer than the old tent.  Mom and I did have an audience as we were assembling the tent, her cats were in the window watching our every move.

New Tent
Jewelry Screen - Put Earrings and Necklaces on

Our audience - Lily and Sasha

Here are some photos of necklaces that mom put together, though I still need to put clasps on them.

"Walk in the Woods"
"Sun Flare"

This necklace mom and I need advice on and if you all could provide some input that would be great.  I think the necklace needs more to it.  Mom wanted to keep the necklace simple so it wouldn't detract from the pendant.  We thought of adding another strand to each side for a total of four strands.  Please let us know what you think:  Leave as is or add another strand to each side.
"Two Faced"


  1. These are all fantastic! I especially love Sun Flare and would probably even sleep in it.

    I like the simplicity of 1 strand on Two Faced but perhaps if there were a few chunkier beads in the strand it would be more balanced~ maybe a cluster of 3 chunkies a third of the way up each side to substantiate the necklace without detracting from the focal. Something more that is still less. I think 4 strands could be too busy.

  2. I love sun flare! In regards to the last one, at first I thought, yes, keep it simple. But I do like the idea of extra strands. I think it could work too.

  3. Love all the necklaces! I think adding chunky gunmetal chain to the face necklace will give it an edge. Great work!

  4. OMG!!! All of those are just gorgeous! You and your mom do fantastic work. I think my favorite is the 'Sun Flare' (hey, I am biased b/c I'm a lampworker!). As for 'Two Faced', I'd say, a bit of dark chain, small-gauge, would add a little more interest to the necklace part. All of them are beautiful!

  5. Thanks everyone for the helpful comments. Now we just need to go into our stash of beads and stuff and see what we have to work with. You all are the best!

  6. I also think you could add something. A second strand on each side might work, or I was thinking about chain as well.


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