Sunday, May 30, 2010

And the Hands Have It - Part Deux

Let's finish up the post from yesterday because I am crossing my fingers that blogger is going to work with me and allow me to post images (see I can have positive thoughts, sometimes). This morning mom and I headed over to the studio to work on enameling pieces. We were there for almost seven hours and I completed two hand bowls, a sun pendant (because the first sun pendant got buggered up - thank goodness we had two patterns), five small leaf bowls, and two medium sized bowls. My feet are killing me!!!!! Though I am proud of myself for enameling that many things. Mom was a sawing fiend and she sawed out a bowl I am really looking forward to enameling - it is AWESOME!!! Ok, on with the show.
Set up for enameling marathon session

As you know I was trying to load images of the pieces I am working on for Juls. I left off with one of the hands being sawed out. Let us continue on this journey of the sun flare pendant and the hand bowl.
Sun flare cut out Ready to sand and file Torching the hand to form
Mom forming Hitting a hand

Enamel on Sun flare

Enamel on hand

Completed sun flare pendant

Version 1

Version 2

The next thing I worked on was enameling five different leaf bowls - these were small bowls.

Here are the two medium sized bowls: One bowl is just red and the other bowl is black with marigold yellow

I am going to show you a sneak bead of our bead soup piece (and no your monitor is not messed up - I blurred the image)

Yesterday mom worked on fixing our tent that was buggered up during Hurricane Delphi. We are crossing our fingers that this will hold the structure together or it is off to buy another new tent.

I guess that is it for today. I do plan on re-taking all the images and posting them out on Flickr and on Etsy to sell. I really want to re-take photos of the hand bowls and sun flare pendant for Juls so she has a better idea of what the hands look like and she can choose which one she likes the best.
I also need to take photos of some pieces mom and I finished making and get those posted to the blog, Flickr, and Etsy. So much to do and so few hours in the day. At least we are staying busy and out of trouble (for the most part at least).


  1. Your work is inspired ... and so is your work area! Thanks for posting all of those pictures. Loved the show!

  2. SQUEE to the Nth degree!! I love 'em all! How awesome are those pieces and it is such a treat to see the process! Thank you SO much for sharing it with us.

  3. Barbara - thank you for your comments, those kinds of compliments make it worth all the work.

    Juls - I am glad you liked the photos. It is always scary making a piece and trying to get the colors just right for the person. Plus I thought you would like to see how your hand and pendant was made.

  4. OOH! I love the sneak peek shot! I recognize those colors! Can't wait to see what you guys are up to.

    And btw, I adore your enameling and copper work. I just got some lessons from a metalsmith/jeweler friend of mine...copper bowl in progress now...

  5. Cool Christine! I can't wait to see your bowl.


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