Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our First Etsy Sale

SQUEEE!!! I am stealing words from Juls, but that is how I feel, exuberant. Mom and I had our first Etsy sale today. I am so excited that I do the happy dance every few minutes.

Of course mom is more reserved because she is worrying about the customer not liking the bowl or being disappointed in the bowl. I am excited we had our first sale. To me that is so exciting and that someone likes are stuff on Etsy.

The customer bought one of our ThumBOWLina bowls. The colors are transparent turquoise and transparent yellows and I also folded the metal before we formed the bowl into shape. It is a cute little bowl that you can put your rings in or other little knick knacks.
Turquoise and Yellow ThumBowLina Bowl

Mom is working on packing up the bowl now for shipment on Monday. Today is one awesome day; Nickleback concert tonight and our first Etsy sale. I told mom we need to go buy lottery tickets because we are on a roll man.
May you all have a wonderful Saturday as we are having!

OMG! I just realized it was Shannon, from Missficklemedia, who bought our ThumBOWLina bowl. Thank you Shannon for being our first sale!


  1. SQUEEE~ Congrats y'all! Tis a gawjus bowl and Shannon will love it. Give Nickleback a kiss for me, won't ya? (all of them) :P

  2. Yeah for you!!!! Congrats on the sale...and rockin' out with the Nickelback hotties!!!

  3. Congrats on your first sale. And I love Nickleback! regards Stefanie

  4. Thanks everyone! I know I am a dork to be so excited, but I was and still am!

  5. I still remember my first sale, it's a big moment! Congrats.


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