Saturday, May 29, 2010

And The Hands Have It

Mom's First Lily To Open This Year
Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope you all had a very productive Saturday like we did.  It feels like we put in two days of work in a few hours.  This morning we went to the metals studio to form bowls, cut out a hand, and a sunflare pendant.  We then went to the Round the Fountain Art fair and then headed home to work in our studio.

At the metals studio I fired up the torch to heat up 14 bowls that mom then formed with her new toys (a hammer and a forming block).  Mom and I then cut out two hands and a sun flare pendant for Juls (Juls is being kind enough to do a swap of beads for a hand bowl and a sun flare pendant - Sunset beads you are all mine --Ah ha ha ha ha).

Here is what we did with the 14 bowls:

Bowls before being fired
Heating the bowl before forming
Mom's new tools to form bowls
Mom forming bowls
Formed bowls

After we finished forming the bowls we started on the pieces for Juls.  The following is the process of cutting out, sanding and filing the pieces.  Tomorrow I will take photographs of us enameling the pieces.

Pattern I drew for the Sun Flare in 2007 at Penland
Hands before cut out
Sun Flare as it is being cut out
Cut out hand
I think that is all that I am going to post today.  I am having major issues with blogger and trying to upload images.  I will try and post more photos from The Round the Fountain Art Fair and pieces that mom and I were working on.
Stupid blogger (believe me it is not user error!)

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