Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Lovely Saturday

Today was a relaxing and non-windy kind of day. I had lunch with my best friend from high school and it was great. I think we sat at our table for a good two hours just talking and reminiscing about high school (our 20-year reunion is next year - where did the time go?).

After lunch I stopped by Hobby de-Lobby to look for a nice clasp, for the Bead Soup Party. Our clasp stash is pretty low - money, money, money - where are you? I found a couple of clasps but I was not too happy with them. So, I ran to mom's house to pick her up to go over to Von's, on campus (I forgot commencement was going on today so campus was pretty busy).

We found a couple of clasps that we like. Now we just need to figure out which one looks the best with the focal pendant and beads I am sending to our bead soup partner, Christine, of A Hot Piece of Glass. This is so exciting but nerve wracking because I want everything to be perfect and I am afraid that what we are sending is not good enough, but I am paranoid like that. Both mom and I need more confidencein our work, but that can be daunting sometimes.

Mom and I also worked on putting together some pieces this afternoon. I finally got the bracelet put together that I have been working on for several weeks. Mom created two, awesome, necklaces which I need to put the clasps on because she hates to crimp. I also started putting a necklace together that is based on an owl pendant that I received from Melanie, Earthenwood Studio. I hope to get the necklace done tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

I hope tomorrow is a sunny day so I can post some photos of what we have been working on. I also need to finish cropping and resizing photos of items that we want to post on Etsy. I also want to take photos of the necklaces, while mom is wearing them, so customers have an idea of what the necklaces look like on. So much to do and not enough hours in the day.

Sorry about one of the paragraphs being a different color than the other paragraphs. Blogger is being temperamental and I am hungry and need to go home and feed my cats, so there it is.

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  1. I missed the bead soup party this time around. But next time for sure. Can't wait for the reveals.


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