Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Dance, Happy Dance - The Sun is Out

It feels like forever that we have actually seen the sun. I am so happy that I did the happy dance this morning when I opened up the garage and saw the sun. It is also great, now that school is out, that I can see the sun when I drive into work. I use to get to work before 6:00am and usually didn't see the sunlight until I went to my afternoon classes (I work in the basement, though that will soon change).

Now that the sun is out I can take all new photographs of pieces that I took on Sunday, when it was grey and overcast and started to sprinkle. Most of the photos I took aren't even worth trying to crop and re-size and post. I will work on taking new photographs tonight and post some tomorrow. I finally finished up my "Sea Foam" bracelet; mom finished up the "Two-Faced" pendant necklace, a bracelet made from copper leaves (I made) and flameworked beads (I made) because I hate doing wire work mom is kind enough to do that portion for me. Thank goodness there are different things we each like to work on or nothing would ever get done. I know I took photographs of some other stuff, but right now I can't remember what I photographed. MORE COFFEE!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful and sunny day!


  1. I know exactly what you mean, it has been a monsoon here. Enjoy your sun!

  2. Thanks! Though it ended up raining and being overcast for the next three days. It is still overcast now, but hopefully it will be sunny on Sunday, at least that is what the weather guy said.


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