Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Soup is Out the Door!!!

Now did you actually think I was going to share the actual pictures of the "Soup" ingredients before Karin has even seen them :)  Yes, we are evil by just sharing this image, but I think you will get over it :)

As you know my niece and nephew are up here for a visit with us for two weeks, so mom and I have been a little out of it.  Plus I started to get a summer cold on Friday and Saturday/Sunday I was totally out of it hopped up on NyQuil.  I am still snotting around but had to suck it up and come into work on Monday and today.

It is kind of good I am sick now because mom took the kids up to Michigan for two days to visit with family that went to Grand Haven for their week of vacation.  So, that left me to pack up Karin's goodies and get them sent out to her yesterday.  Just so you all know I DO NOT PACKAGE UP the goodies sent out, that is usually moms job because I suck at it.  I LOVE TAPE!!!!  I am apologizing now to Karin for my sucky wrapping job.

Mom and I hope Karin loves the goodies and we can't wait to receive our Soup ingredients from her and start creating.  The excitement is building and I can't wait for the reveal dates to see what Karin creates with her goodies and what we create with the goodies she sends.  Stay tuned!


  1. Those colors look totally enticing! Hope you are recovering...I am now replying to my own question!! And I am sure you did a FINE job with that packaging...besides it's whats inside that really matters!!

  2. Waiting for your BSBP package is like waiting for Christmas...only in July! I know I'll be glancing out the front window later this week, wondering if the mail carrier has made it down my street yet! Can't wait to be walking back up my driveway with your package in hand, imagining the goodies inside!


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