Saturday, June 30, 2012

BSBP Partner and Vacation So Far

One Crayon Color Hop piece - Backstory Beads
Last week mom and I found out who are partner is for the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party, Karin of Backstory Beads.

A Time to (Herringbone) Stitch

Because the kids are here for vacation (my niece and nephew from Oklahoma) mom and I have not had much of a chance to check out Karin's blog.  I have been hitting her blog any free moment I can and her pieces are amazing.

Old Design, New Stitch
Mom and I are really looking forward to working with Karin for this Bead Soup Party.  I will be taking pictures of what we are sending Karin today or tomorrow - depends on what we do with the kids this weekend (either Chicago to the museums or back to the swimming pool).

Now - the recap of what has happened with the kids so far.

We met my brother and the kids at Holiday World/Splashin' Safarai.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it last year so mom thought we would go again this year.  Because of mom's feet we didn't go to Splashin' Safari, my brother took them the day before we arrived.  We did go to Holiday World with mom sitting in her transport chair the whole time - so good job mom.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures - I was using our waterproof camera and some of the pictures came out clear and some are just a little fuzzy.  This is Skyler in the bumper cars - I think that is his most favorite ride.

Kaitlyn in the bumper cars - she is a little diva when it comes to getting her photos taken.

Mom and Kaitlyn on the swings - I guess this was a new ride this year.

Kaitlyn and Skyler playing games. 

Overall I think the kids had a great time.  The next day was the drive to mom's house and all we really did was go grocery shopping and play games.

Kaitlyn and Skyler playing Corn Hole and would take breaks to run in the sprinkler.

Skyler throwing the bean bags.  Love the look on his face.

The kids running through the sprinkler.

Skyler sticking his head in the sprinkler.

After playing outside the kids took a break by playing mom's Wii - Skyler is showing us how it is done.

Skyler trying to tell mom how to get through the obstacle course - just so you know both mom and I suck at the obstacle course and Skyler makes it look way to easy!

The next day we went to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis - Skyler doesn't like his picture taken so I don't have him with mom or Kaitlyn.  I would have to sneak photos of him.

There is a piece by Dale Chihuly in the museum and there is an area where kids can use plastic version of the glass pieces to create their own works of art.  This is the piece the kids were working on.

Kaitlyn with some of the pieces to work on their masterpiece.

Their finished piece.

Kaitlyn defeats a crocodile.

There was a Lego Land area and the kids spent a wonderful time in that area.  The above is a picture of Kaitlyn with her very large mobile Lego piece.

Skyler building his Lego masterpiece.

Skyler then was racing his Lego pieces on these tracks they had set up in the room.  No matter what he says I know he had a good time in this section of the museum.

Mom, Aunt Sherry and Kaitlyn
The next day we went to Fair Oaks Daiy.  We asked my Aunt Sherry to come along for the fun.  This is one of the better pictures I took of all three of them together.  We are watching Skyler as he plays on the bungee jumps.

This Kaitlyn having fun on the bungee jumps.

Another photo of Kaitlyn having fun jumping.

Skyler on the bungee jump - we are very proud of him for doing this.  We even think he went higher each time he got on - Skyler is afraid of heights so this and the climbing wall is amazing that he did it.

This is both kids on a climbing wall that they have on the grounds.

Skyler starting up the wall.

Skyler getting all the way to the top and ringing the bell.

Skyler coming down from ringing the bell.  I don't know why, but I love this photo of him coming down - he just looks so professional.

A photo of Kaitlyn ringing the bell - she had a slow start but by the end of the day I think she did all four sides of the climbing wall.

Kaitlyn making her way down from ringing the bell.

I thought this image was too cute not to share.  I giggle everytime I see it.

Kaitlyn trying to make sure she doesn't drop any of that good ice cream!

Me trying to get a photo of Skyler eating ice cream - love how he is eating it from the bottom.  Oh boy was that ice cream good!!!

That is it for the images but not of the fun.  We have gone to the pool the last two days, but no photos of that adventure.  We also went to Chuck-E Cheese one night (now I understand why they serve beer for the adults) and mom took them to Monster Golf last night.

Like I said, not sure if it is the pool again today or Chicago.  I think it depends on the weather because it was thunderstorming this morning. 

I hope you enjoy our little show of what has been going on this week.  Just one more week with the kids and then it is back to Oklahoma and back to our usual routine.

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  1. You are all having so much fun but those sweet kids must be wearing you and Mom out!!! What a great Aunt you are. Makes me wish you were my kids Aunt!


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