Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair 2012

Ann Arbor Street Fair 2012
It is our annual trip (my friend Lisa and myself) to the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair.  We started going in 2009 (I don't even remember how I found out about the fair) and have been going even with the heat, rain, tornado, heat, heat, and more heat.  This year we have our fingers crossed that it stays in the 80's - please cross your fingers for us :)

Pad Thai Chicken
The one thing, I think, Lisa and I are most looking forward to is our lunch tomorrow.  It is at this Thai restaurant that is AWESOME!  Last year we took the shuttles to one of the drop off points, we got of the bus and we were handed a coupon for this restaurant for lunch which happened to be just across the street - let's hope it happens again this year.

I am hoping I am more observant this year and take more pictures of the fire hydrants.  Lisa saw these the last night we were at the fair and I was able to only find two hydrants.  Aren't these awesome to take pics of.

There is also awesome architecture to take photos of.  So many awesome looking buildings and so many different details - poor Lisa has to put up with me when I say can we go in there for me to take pictures????

This was taken Friday morning before the streets were packed with people.  Usually Lisa and I take Thursday to scope the place out, mark down which vendors we really want to stop at on Friday and do our shopping on Friday.

This is photo of one of the buildings at night that I love.  I did not do any manipulation of this picture, except to re-size it.  Like I said 2010 was one of the hot years and a thunderstormy years.  This was taken in the evening right after a huge thunderstorm came through.  Lisa and I happend to be on the trolley and tornado sirens were going off and we heard some vendors tents were knocked over from the wind.  I took this while we were waiting for our shuttle to pick us up to take us back to our hotel.

I am really looking forward to seeing new vendors and a couple of vendors I have purchased from in the past - I would like a couple more photographs.  I also just love being on this campus - little secret - Lisa and I always look at the job postings on our way home to see if there any cool positions we might want to apply for ;)

I can't wait to share with you what I took pics of, how the weather was, how great the food was and what I ended up buying for me and mom.  I should have a post this weekend because Lisa and I should be back in the afternoon on Saturday.


  1. Have a great time at the fair! Ann Arbor is the best.

  2. Have fun, Beth! Love the photos!


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