Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kids Gone, I Heart Macro, Giveaway and Blogger Award

Kids Climbing at Fair Oaks
First off, the kids have gone back home to Oklahoma.  Mom and I dropped them off to my brother in St. Louis.  I can't believe how fast two weeks can go by.  The kids did a fantastic job during the visit - just some minor meltdowns and nothing big.  They both said they want to come back next year for a month instead of two weeks!  Nice thought, but Mom and I don't get that much vacation each year and the pocket book doesn't stretch that far! Not sure what is in store for next year, but in a few years both mom and I would love to take them to Washington D.C.  Now that is the vacation I can't wait for :)

Our Heart Macro images for this week.

Not sure what this bush is - but love how the flowers turned out

I think the above three images are of coneflowers - but of course I am probably wrong.  I just love those little sparklies on the flowers - just looks so unreal.

To check out everyone else head on over to Studio Waterstone and see what they are sharing this week.

Five Giveaways on Pretty Things
Wow - Lori just becomes more amazing everyday.  While she is putting on the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party she is taking time to have a giveaway - but just not any type of giveaway - FIVE GIVEAWAYS!!!!

To find out more about the Lori's giveaway head on over to her blog - RUN NOW!!!!

Our reveal date is August 11th.

I wanted to show you what mom and I sent our partner Karin for her Bead Soup Blog Party ingidients.

We sent her "The Four Elements" enameled copper pendants and lampwork glass beads that we made.  The clasp is Sterling Silver.  We so can't wait to see what Karin creates with these.

These are the goodies we received from Karin.  Mom has already started laying out an idea, but I think I am going to move some things around because I have a totally different idea :)  Oh, and next weekend there is a bead show in Indy that mom and I want to go and visit because we have ideas for brass beads, and we want to see if the show has what we are looking for.  I can't wait to see what mom and I end up creating!

Becasue of the kids being here I haven't really been checking the blog, Facebook, email or the Etsy shop.  So, it was a wonderful surprise to find out that Therese, at Therese's Treasures, gave us the Kreative Blogger award.  Therese is a wonderful customer and creative jewelry designer.  I love to see what she creates!  I highly recommended stopping at Therese's blog and checking her out - she is a must stop for anyone!!!!

Now onto the rules:
1. Post a link to the person who awarded you
2. Share 7 well-thought out random things about yourself
3. Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know

Now this is the really hard part for me - come up with seven random things about me - UGH!!!

1.  As many of you know I am an Army Veteran - I am glad I got out of the military but there are some days when I really and truly miss it and wish I was still in.

2.  I hate the outdoors :)  That means I really hate working in my yard - though I love how it looks when it is done - I hate doing it and I will put it off as looooooong as possible.  Currently the yard looks like crap!

3.  I love thunderstorms.  I use to go outside when the lightning was flashing and just be in heaven.

4.  I love coffee, and I NEED a cup of it every morning!  My vice - Carmel Mocciatto from Starbucks - I only get that once in a blue moon.

5. One of the things I wanted to accomplish was own a house when I got out of the military (was an Army brat and in the military for 10 years, wanted to live somewhere that was mine).  Mom let me live with her for three years (going to school full time and working part time I didn't have money to live on my own).  After I was offered a full time job I had a house built.  Okay - check that off my done list - I am ready to move back home with mom :)  The studio is at her house and it would be so much easier to live with her than driving back and forth from my house to her house.  Our dream is to add an addition onto her house for me to live in - mom has even drawn it out and found out how much it would cost to have it built.  Now all we have to do is win the lottery!!! 

6.  I'm a cat person; which I never thought I would be.  I have five fur babies and I would love to have more.  No, I am not the "Crazy Cat Lady" yet, but I am sure it wouldn't take much to make me one. :)

7. I'm still amazed and awed that people come to our blog and read about what mom and I do.  Mom and I don't consider what we create main stream art, but you all seem to like it - So Thank You for stopping by our blog and leaving wonderful comments for us.  You all make us feel special!!!

Now, the hard part.  Narrowing down all the blogs we love to read to just 10 other bloggers.  They are in no particular order - just how I came across them.

1. Pretty Things - I think Lori's is one of the first blogs I came across in early 2010.  I think it was her First Bead Soup Blog Party that drew me in.  I thought this person is amazing to put on this party - and boy was I correct.  I think Lori is just an amazing person and an amazing artist.  Lori is one of those people I so seriously want to meet and just sit and drink coffee and eat pie!

2. Jenni's beads - I find it fun and relaxing to go to Jenni's blog.  She has some amazing work and it is fun to see all the eye candy.

3. Painting with Fire -  Again, I think I came across Barbara's blog back in 2010 when I started on this blogging journey.  I found out she did torch fire enameled and I was hooked.  Barbara is always there with a compliment or encouragement and I have my fingers crossed that one day mom and I can take one of her classes!!!!

4. Sandi Carrico Jewelry Artist - Sandi just moved back to Indiana, so I hope we have a chance to meet.  Sandi creates the most amazing jewelry that I just drool all over the keyboard looking at her pics.  I just love the details of her work - plus love to hear about Sammy (her fur baby).

5. My Bead Journey - Kristen - the most sweetest woman you will come across.  She is an amazing seed beader and has just started to write posts on Art Jewelry Elements.  Kristen has come so far since I started blogging and emailing her back in 2010 and I can't wait to see where she goes from here!!!

6. Treasures Found: Inspiration is Everywhere - Erin is so very talented in so many different things.  She has an amazing blog that I just love to go read and amazing photos that just make you gasp at her jewelry.  Erin does amazing work with the pendants and beads we have sent her (Bead Soup Blog partner, and we did a collobartive piece for her Verse and Vision II).  Erin is a must stop on anyone's blog reading list!

7. Missficklemedia - Shannon was our very first customer on Etsy.  She bought one of our "ThumBOWLina" bowls and had me doing the happy dance all day, and both mom and I smiling for a week.  Shannon also got me hooked on patina - I suck at it but I still love it.  Shannon has the most amazing pieces and components that you just want to play with all day long!

8. Jane Perala Designs - Jane creates some of the most amazing lampwork beads.  I am hoarding one of her Tree beads - though I just came up with a design I want to try and create with it (I hope I do it justice).

9. StudioJuls - Juls is one awesome lampworking queen.  We started talking back in May of 2010.  Juls is the first artist to ask if we would like to do a swap - her lampwork beads for one of our enameled hand bowlss.  Of course, we said yes. If you are a lover of lampwork beads, Juls is a must stop for you!

10. Studio Waterstone - Lori is just amazing; jewelry artist, photographer, water colorist and handbag making queen.  I love her I Heart Macro Sundays and if I could I would buy up all her bags.  If you love handbags and love taking pictures I would highly recommend stopping at Lori's blog and checking her out.

Well, there is the 10 bloggers I have narrowed my huge list down to.  I really recommend checking out these wonderful people and see what they have to offer.


  1. Love the macro shots - it really does look like tiny crystals on the ends of the flower - amazing!!

    Lori's give-a-way is really something - she's an amazing person, isn't she?

    And I love your 7 insteresting facts. And your blog choices are super amazing, too!!

    Thanks for sharing and I do hope you win the lottery so you can add the addition on to your Mama's house and stop driving back and forth!! ;-) I'm sure that gets old!

  2. Hi Beth,
    I'm glad that you had a wonderful time with the kids and that they are looking forward to next year already.
    Beautiful shots of the flowers. I believe you are right about those being Cone flowers.
    Lori Anderson I can not say enough good things about her kind and giving heart.
    I have always loved visiting your blog and reading all about what is going on with you and your Mom, that is why you were a part of my top 10. That makes great since to move back in with your Mom, but also have a private place just for you. Your top 10 are all great choices for the award.

  3. LOL I guess I should've checked your blog first... I mentioned you in my blog. If you're bored, please pop over and give it a read ;)

  4. You two are so sweet. I am honored to be placed in the company of these bloggers, many of whom have become friends of mine as well. But you have also introduced me to several new-to-me blogs that I will definitely check out! Enjoy the day, ladies! Erin

  5. Thanks so much! What a great thing to read after a day stuck in bed! And I love the bead soup you sent!

  6. Gorgeous macros!

    If you have a moment, stop by my blog and "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook! Thanks!

  7. Love the images and I'm glad to hear that the two weeks with kiddos went so well. Thank you SO much for recognizing my blog, too! What a sweet gesture. BTW - sounds like we're a lot alike. :)

  8. I liked your blog and I posted similar to yours....

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  9. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you for the award Evie and Beth..I have just come across this. .have not been quite on top of everything lately...not too sure if I can find 7 even remotely interesting things about me though!! I remember I read how you drive back and forth to your Mums would definately be good if you can put on an addition and then spend as much time in the studio as you want! And 5 cats..that must keep you busy. jenni


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