Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bead Soup Has Arrived and Other Fun Stuff

Our Bead Soup has arrived from Karin - yippeee!!!!  Don't you just love that fun paper :)

A wonderful note from Karin explaining the beads and where she got them from.

Goodies number 1 - mom and I both think we have a plan for these goodies already.

Set of Goodies number 2 - I think mom wants to buy some brass spacers to go with these.  She might already have a plan for them.  Will have to lay them out on our cookie sheets to see what bakes up.

Set of Goodies number 3.  We think we might put these with the first set of goodies - I even have an idea for lampwork beads or an enameled pendant.  Okay we will lay them out on the cookie sheets and see what inspiration hits us.

Set of Goodies number four.  Kaitlyn noticed what mom and I were doing and asked to open up the last package.  The clasp is brass - might be going with the goodies number 2 - not sure yet.

Here is Kaitlyn eyeing the goodies.  We are going to have to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't make off with the soup ingridients :)

Mom and I are so excited with the goodies we received from Karin.  I can't wait to see what we end up creating - because it never ends up like we start with but with something totally different in the idea department - that is the fun of it :)

Some other things we have done with the kids this week:

Kaitlyn and I are working on making a friendship bracelet - this one isn't turning out too good, but it is our first one (plus Aunt Beth doesn't read directions so good, so this bracelet will be interesting).

We did go to JoAnn Fabrics today and bought Kaitlyn some embrodiary floss to make her bracelets with.  We are starting her young on making bracelets :)

After going to JoAnn Fabrics we headed to the mall for the kids to play on the bungee jump.

Kaitlyn likes to jump as high as she can.  She is our little dare devil.

We are so proud of Skyler because he went so much higher than he did last year.  I also love how he bites his lip while he is concentrating on the jumping.  He just looks like he is having so much fun!!!

After the bungee jumping we head over to Monster Golf.

They both are becoming better at actually aiming for the hole and not just hitting the ball.  Skyler even got a Hole in One on the second game :)

Tomorrow is the last day with the kids before we head to Saint Louis to drop the kids off to my brother.  I think we are heading over to campus for them to play in the water fountains and we also have a baby shower for my cousin tomorrow night.  That will give my cousins and aunt a chance to see the kids.

Of course that means mom and I need to get into the swing of production mode for our shows and get cracking on the Bead Soup.  We hope to have more pictures coming soon.  I hope you enjoyed the Bead Soup from Karin and pics of the kids.  I am off to help Kaitlyn finish up her bracelet.


  1. Oh boy those are some very beautiful soup ingredients. I'm looking forward to seeing what y'all cook up with them. I'm glad that y'all are having a wonderful time with the kids, they look like they are having lots of fun.

  2. Hm, wouldn't it be easier for Kaitlyn to knot the friendship bracelet, when she secures it with a safety pin to her jeans? And if she wears shorts, take a bandana and secure the safety pin to it and tie it around her thigh. That's how I do it. MIght be easier than on a table.

    And those bead soup ingredients are so yummy!

  3. Your ingredients look wonderful! I can't wait to see what you make. And, can I come and play with you? Looks like you all had a blast!

  4. Lovely soup ingredients! And, it looks like you are having a great summer with the kids! Enjoy!

  5. Awesome bead soup ingredients! Can't wait to see what you make!

  6. Hi Beth and Evie, me again. Please go by my blog there is a surprise waiting there for you.

  7. Lovely soup! and great pics of the kids! Just seeing your blog via Therese ... wonderful


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