Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beady Goodness

Purchased Bead Stash
Yesterday mom and I went to Indianapolis because there was a bead/gem show at one of the hotels.  I now understand what everyone is talking about when they go to a bead show - the goodies and how you can spend a lot of money - and this show was tiny.  Oh, but all those beads - they were calling our name :)

Here is what mom and I bought - of course there won't be anymore shopping for either of us in the near future :)

I wish I could really show you the details of these brass colored metal beads - mom and I just love the shape and we think they will be part of the design of one of our BSBP pieces with the ingredients from Karin.

Some gunmetal colored metal beads.  Mom and I are using a lot of gunmetal in our pieces lately so we thought we would give these a whirl.

Mom and I are going outside of our comfort zone - trying new things.  These are acrylic beads that we both just loved.

The blue beads

The green beads
The pink beads
We also bought different types of gemstones.  I only know the name of one of them but mom is busy so can't bug her to help me name the rest (sorry, I suck at nameing the stones!).

These I know - Moonstone
Mom loved these - so got two strands of them
Since I loved these gemstones I asked for them if mom wanted the above gemstones
I should know these but the name is just not coming to me
I have already thought of lampwork beads I want to make to go with these gemstones
Mom and I found a both that was selling different types of Agate - unfortantely these were not on sale otherwise I think mom and I would have gone a little bit more crazy on the shopping (thank goodness for credit cards!).

And of course - pearls!!!  Mom and I love pearls and when we go to our favorite bead store Von's we have to set a limit on what we buy.  So, we were pretty good with the pearls.

These pearls are more of a coral color - this does not do it justice - plus it is a
little bit out of comfort zone in color

The last of the beads we bought was from a store in Tennessee - she came up for the show.

Day of the Dead skulls.  I think mom and I have ideas for all of them - just crossing our fingers that the ideas work out.

The last of the "Beady Goodness" are the clasps.

Gunmetal swirl clasps

These are Sterling Silver pendants but mom and I want to make our own clasps out of.  I think mom has an idea on how she wants to do it, so I am going to let her run with those ideas.

Mom asked if we could buy this clasp and I said sure.  I think she had an idea for it but just now I came up with an idea so we need to sit down and discuss.

After the bead show mom and I went to Bill Estes Ford to test drive the 2013 Ford Escape.  Our dealerships in Lafayette have treated mom and I like crap - either they ignore us (not returning quotes or information) or don't even come out to talk to us as we walk the lot.  My lease is up in October and I am looking at different options - do I keep my current car or purchase a new car.  The Escapes are nice but you would not believe all the "bells and whistles" that are in that car.  At this point I think I have decided to keep my car - I like getting to point A to point Z by not killing myself because I didn't know what this button did.  I was waiting to see if I pushed one of the buttons on the steering wheel that there wasn't an escape hatch that opened up - OMG :)

Though mom and I did break down and purchase this:

The Samsung Galaxy Note

A friend of mine at work told me about the phone and how big the screen was.  Even with the Iphone mom was having trouble reading the numbers and letters for the Square.  It was time for me to upgrade my phone and mom and I went to the store to look at the phone and ended up purchasing one.

Just so you all know - I am in love with the camera option.  Oh my goodness, I can't wait to play with that!!!

Also, just so you know, I am so not tech savy.  I have not figured out how to add my other email accounts, how to log onto Facebook and find the freaking tutorials on the phone.  I might be doing a lot of Googling today or just go to the store and say "TEACH ME!".

So, that was our big spending spree yesterday.  That is only a once in while craziness because mom and I so can't afford that - we seriously need to win the lottery :) 

I hope you enjoyed our "Beady Goodness" - we had fun shopping for them.


  1. You really bought some lovely things. And I am sure it's ok to go a little crazy once in a while! I am sure you will use them all up in your jewelry. I loved the nameless
    Gemstones and the gorgeous agate! And a new phone! You did have a successful day!

  2. Holy wow looks like you had fun! Those acrylic beads look like shell! After the moonstone it looks like aquamarine, moss aquamarine, and labradorite what fun! ENjoy your goodies : )

  3. The beads you all bought look amazing! Great haul!

  4. Wonderful goodies. I have a fondness for agate and I probably have too many agate beads in my stash. I have tried not to buy more beads, but it's not always easy!

  5. Wow, I love all the gorgeous little beads...plenty for you to work your magic on.
    Fantastic images.

  6. Ooooooh, I'm drooling over your beady goodness! I'm so glad that there are no bead shows in my area.

  7. OH what a gorgeous haul!
    I think those coins beads are actually, shell, not acrylic. That 'stain' on the bottom of the one is something I generally find on one side of my shell coins :) Plus the faint striations. The black strips I have in some stars that were labels as shell beads, and are all different sizes and thickness. ( I suppose they could be 'fake shell'... but shell beads are affordable enough as it is.. why fake them? lol )

  8. Wow! Agates, pearls, Day of the Dead all made some great choices. Wish I could come play with you! Actually, I'm going to be in Indianapolis next week for a family wedding - if I had more time there, I'd swing by, but we're driving 500 miles just for the day, then back to Atlanta.


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