Monday, January 31, 2011

Nothing Done Recently

Sunny Sacramento by Erin of Treasures Found
Art Bead Scene is having a Monthly Blog Tour.  They have a list of all those participating in January's Monthly Challenge.
Brown River by Wayne Thiebaud
This is our piece for the January challenge.

Our interpretation of Brown River
Mom and I weren't in the studio this weekend.  We spent most of this weekend running around and doing some shopping.  I also had to buy a new garage door opener because my uncle was going to come over to install it since the old one died on me.  When my uncle took the cover off the old opener we found out that the plastic wheels were worn down and that is why the garage door wasn't working.  My uncle said he has replaced the wheels in his garage door opener and it shouldn't be a problem doing this in my opener plus it will probably be cheaper (cheaper is better and it will be nice if I can return the new opener and get my money back!).  Right now I am waiting for him to tell me where to buy the parts for the opener.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that the parts are cheap and I will soon have my garage door working again.

Our goodies from Kristi
This is the sneak peek of our Bead Soup goodies reveal from Kristi, at CB&CO.  Mom and I are waiting impatiently for our goodies to arrive, which I hope happens today!  I am not good at waiting! 

Abstract Celtic Knot necklace

Sunday I worked on posting more inventory on our Etsy site.  You all know how long it takes to take photographs, figure out which photographs are good enough to keep, crop, re-size and then post the piece on Etsy.  So, that is what I do when we have a free moment.  I am almost done with the necklaces and I have a few more enameled bowls I want to list.

I hope we can get into the studio this weekend.  We have several pendants that need to be enameled and I want to work on the torch some.  It depends on this storm that is coming through.  It says possible 8-10 inches of snow plus ice.  I am hoping it bypasses us all together.  I am so done with winter and I am ready for spring and being warm while working in the garage.


  1. How sweet to see my necklace on your blog! I thought I was in the wrong place for a moment! I love your sneak peek idea. What a cool filter! I am struggling with the pictures for etsy too. I try to do them en masse and take at least four-eight different angles of each and cross my fingers when I sit down! That is on my list for tomorrow... Etsy update!
    Enjoy the day, Beth!

  2. Love your piece for the January challenge. I love being able to sell my stuff on Etsy but all the photographing and editing is very time-consuming...but I guess you gotta' do it if you want those sales.

  3. Gorgeous!! I've been out of it for a few days but I am so glad to visit and see your gorgeous creations!

  4. Great JanABS entry!! I know what you mean about getting new inventory in the etsy shop. I am trying to get my valentine creations together, a bad batch of photos and more polishing is necessary. How do these holidays sneak up on us so quickly, I blinked and January was gone. I was so done after Christmas I needed a little break. You are not alone with all that.. How brave to paint your kitchen too! Looks cheerful and inviting.


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