Thursday, January 13, 2011

BTW and Some of My Favorites

Kitchen Table with Knitting Project
Heather, Humblebeads, started a Flickr group called BTW (Bead Table Wednesday).  There are some awesome looking tables out there, so take the time to go to the group page and look. 

I really wanted to participate this week but I didn't get over to mom's to work on beads yesterday.  Instead I went home and was working on a hat for my friend at work.  The above picture is the start of the ribbing on the hat and the yarn is our favorite yarn because it is so soft and pettable.  I will try and participate in the following weeks but I thought I would at least show you what I was working on last night.  I need to figure out my Iphone because I have some cute pics of my baby kitty as she was watching TV with me.  We were watching the series The Universe and we were watching the Alien Galaxies episode.  She was having fun watching the formation of galaxies - her head was going round and round when the galaxies were spiraling outward.  Give me time I will figure out this phone!

I thought I would share some awesome works that I have been seeing since the beginning of the year.  It is so much fun watching what everyone is creating and all of it is so drool worthy.  So, on with the show!
Black and Tan
These awesome beads are made by Jane and you can find her here.  Love, love, love the stringer work. 

Tipsy Waves
This gorgeous bracelet was made by Kristen at My Bead Journey.  I love the turquoise colored beads she used and I love how the wire does mimic the waves.  Too bad I don't live closer to her because I think I might be "Borrowing" that bracelet from time to time!

Red Lotus Pod
This awesome little pendant was made by Cindy Gimbrone and you can visit her here.  These pods came to be over Christmas when Cindy had a creative burst and I am so glad she did.  Mom and I are drooling all over these lotus pods. 

Turquoise and Brown

The wonderful and talented Juls created these stunning pieces.  I am thinking of looking for my camo and camo paint, taking a trip to Alabama and sneaking in to nab these beauties.

Venus of Urbino from the Margie & Me Series
This piece can be found at Kokopelli Design.  Isn't it just stunning.  I just can't get over how people can weave with those small beads.  You are all amazing!

This piece is found on Craftymoose Crafts site.  I love the polymer piece - the colors are gorgeous and I love the swirls in the design. 

The other half of the polymer clay piece went to Nicole at Beadwright.  Nicole and Debbie did a challenge with these polymer beads.  Aren't both pieces fantastic.  If you want to learn more about the challenge go to their websites and read all about it.  Both pieces are up for auction and all the money will go to Breast Cancer.

Just one more day and it is Friday and a long weekend!  I am so looking forward to the long weekend because mom and I have plans on working in the studio.  I plan on going to the studio tonight to finish off the oxygen and we hope to have the tanks re-filled tomorrow.  Saturday will be a bead making day, Sunday a sawing day and Monday an enameling day.  Of course it will be interesting to see if it all happens on those days.  Have an awesome rest of the week!


  1. Awesome picks and I am lovin' the hat already. I have been trying to find a really cool knitted hat - I would love to see yours when finished.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing what the hat looks like also because I have never done a hat like this. The pattern is found here:
    I am using the adult pattern, though my friend still wants the pompom on the end of the hat.

  3. Thanks so much for including the picture of my beads, and I too love the colour of the wool for the hat. Please post a picture when it is done.

  4. Thank you for including my "boob" pieces and for mentioning the Breast Cancer Auction. I am honored to be among so many awesome pieces of work showcased here!

  5. Oh I wish you were here too I would so let you borrow it! Oh to be among these talented artists is a gift! Thanks my friend!

  6. OMG, thank you for featuring my work! Being among so many talented artists is a gift. The Venus seems to get so much attention. :-)

  7. I LOVED Kokopelli's pendant! It was awesome to see it here again!

  8. This collection of amazing talents is really special! Thank you for sharing your finds! Can't wait to see what the hat turns out like! That yarn is simply scrumptious!

  9. Yummy Yarn. I have been knitting and crocheting up a storm. Love to do it when it's cold outside. Your friend is very lucky to have a knitter with such good taste in yarns. Great photos of all those talented artists- thanks for sharing their work and letting me know about BTW- I just joined!! Don't know how I missed that one.

  10. @Cathryn - all the artists are amazing and I just love all their work! Yes, the yarn is so much fun to work with, LOVE IT.

    @Heather - I have started knitting again and I have missed it. I did knit scarfs for Christmas gifts, but I love knitting hats so much more (love knitting in the round with DP needles). I am glad you found out about BTW and joined. I am hoping I have a chance to work on beads this week and post pictures to the group.


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