Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchen Painted - Check

Kitchen Before Painted

Kitchen Before Painted
Yesterday I took a day of vacation to paint my kitchen.  Mom and I are usually working in the studio on the weekends, so projects around the house get left undone.  I have been wanting to paint my kitchen really bad so I decided to take a day of vacation to get it done.  I think I may take one day a month to get things done around the house since they don't get done on the weekends, more important things to do like torching or enameling!

I am pretty proud of myself for getting the kitchen painted in less then five hours.  The walls only about an hour, but I suck at trim and it takes me forever.  I persevered and I got it done.  So, one thing is checked off my list of things to do around the house.  Yippee!  The next thing I want to tackle is the junk room.  Thank goodness I have four bottles of wine from our friends winery to get me through that mess.

Okay, here are the completed pictures of the kitchen.
Took down the greenery on the cabinets and cleaned up the counters
Moved g-ma's and g-pa's kitchen table to under the window.
I think the paintings really look good now with the paint on the walls.

My Rena painting - love it on the yellow wall!

Walls now match the curtains

Reveille is now enjoying the cabinets with no greenery in her way
 Also mom and I have been in three treasuries since this weekend which I think is fantastic.    Our air pendant was in the treasury called "FENG SHUi ELEMeNTS"; our green leaf pendant is in the treasury called "For Nature's Sake"; and finally our bamboo necklace is in the treasury called "Bamboo and Lotus".  Receiving notification of those treasuries made our week!

Last night mom packed our Bead Soup Party package to be sent to Kristi and I will mail that out today.  I am so excited and I hope she likes the goodies.


  1. Your kitchen looks wonderful, Beth! Great idea about taking a day off each month to get house projects done :)

  2. Your kitchen looks so nice! Makes you feel good now that it is all done, I bet!

  3. Your kitchen looks just super! My home is painted yellow - such a cheerful and uplifting colour.

  4. The color makes everything look so warm and homey...very nice. Congrats on the treasuries.

  5. Oh the kitchen looks so warm and inviting.....When can we do coffee?


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