Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me and BTW

I wanted to take a picture of myself tonight, and me wanting to take a picture of myself happens once every few years.  This is me in all my glory.  The hair needs to be colored, but I think the hair style was great today.  My hair has a mind of its own, so when it looks good break out the camera.  I have my favorite sweat shirt on of all time.  I think I have had this sweat shirt for about 15 years.  My grandma hated this shirt, and I loved to wear it to see the looks she would give me. The sweat shirt has holes in the sleeves and holes down near the bottom.  This sweat shirt is well lived in, like me :)  I have another long sleeve shirt under the sweat shirt because I was working out in the garage tonight.  I think mom said it was about 40 degrees when she came out to tell me that dinner was ready.  So, that is me, gray hair and all.

I worked on the torch tonight because I needed a stress reliever.  I am making beads for the Bead Soup Party swap.  I have some beads made but I have a few more ideas for beads I want to make for the swap still, so that will be a tomorrow night torching.

Since I was working on beads tonight I thought I would take pictures for the BTW (Bead Table Wednesday) hosted by Heather at Humblebeads

I think this is the cleanest my torching area has been in a long time.  Two weekends ago mom cleaned up the torching area and some of the other spots in the garage because the mess was not good for her mood.  I still have a box of glass next to my station I have to go through and put back in the proper colored glass boxes.  I horde glass while I am working and I am lazy and don't put it back.

So, that is me and the bead table for this Wednesday night.  I hope you all participate and show us your bead tables.  Come on, it doesn't hurt, I promise!


  1. It is so nice to see the face behind the blog! And, believe, me...I have way more gray than you, LOL! I love old comfortable clothes, too.

    I know you are bummed out about the house, but I echo what other have said--things happen for a reason and the right thing will come along!

  2. Nice to put a name with a face! And I love seeing what everyone is working on!
    Enjoy the day.

  3. You look great! I was joking with a friend the other day that you know you're getting old when you can refer to your clothing by decades! I wear a down vest in the studio ... I like it because it keeps me warm but my arms are unencumbered. I think I got that vest in 1980! 30 years! I'd say I got my money's worth! LOL

  4. Look how pretty you are! Now I know exactly what you look like as I'm reading your blogs, which is a bonus. Your studio is really clean and tidy, mine is not so I won't post a pic!

  5. Oh you are beautiful inside and out! I know you are a bit down but you put a smile on my face! Hugs

  6. I love that I know who I'm talking to now!

    And please oh please, teach me how to use a bead roller?


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