Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sawing Again

Copper Shavings
Today mom and I are sawing away on different projects.  We have finished sawing out the pieces we will be using for the Bead Soup Blog Party.  If you have not signed up yet, go to Lori's site Pretty Things and do it now.  This is the third installment and Lori does an awesome job putting this together.  Mom and I participated in the last one, and we have been waiting patiently for the new year and a new soup party. 

Lily Helping Out
The little one helping out is mom's cat Lily.  She must be into everything, but she is such a muschmellow that you forgive her for anything, such as stealing saw blades, getting in the way of the saw, wanting to help you as a you file, etc.

My Sawing Space
Here is my sawing space.  Right now mom and I are working in the kitchen again because the garage is not even up to 40 degrees and with the space heaters on we may get the garage up to 45 degrees.  So, we are sawing in the kitchen, which is much warmer. Right now I am working on sawing out the perimeters of the pieces because I hate sawing out the interiors, which mom likes to do - thank goodness!  Some of the pieces sawed are butterflies, a bird, working on another bird, and pieces for January's ABS Challenge.

Mom's Work Space
I just found this setting in Photoshop, Old Photo, I am still learning so much about Photoshop.  I wanted to distort the picture a little because mom is working on sawing out pieces for the bead soup party.  I don't want to give it all away.  The next thing I need to do is make some beads to go along with these babies.  Again, I will say it, I am so glad mom loves to saw!  Too tedious for me!

My lovely, lovely, lovely bag
I had to show my gorgeous bomber bag again.  Mom got me this bag for Christmas from Lori, Studio Waterstone.  I am just now starting to use it because the bag organizer I ordered finally arrived.  I carry everything with me plus the kitchen sink, so this bag is so perfect for me.

Inside the bag with organization
Yes, admit it, you are jealous of me and my bag.  That is okay, I can take it because I am in love with my bag!

That is about it for today. I just wanted to do a quick update of what mom and I have been up to today.  Oh, mom and I did go for a walk this morning at the mall to get our blood pumping for the sawing that was going to go on today.  Mom and I do plan on walking again tomorrow morning.  Now I just need to get my butt up on Monday morning to exercise before I go to work.  Baby steps...I can do this!

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  1. Even the copper shavings are pretty! Oh I can't wait to see what you are up to for Bead Soup!


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