Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodies for Kristi

Burned Carpet in Shape of Enameling Screen
Okay, to explain the photograph, this is what happens when you drop a hot enameling screen on carpet.  I was working in the kiln, and I pulled a screen out and was putting it down by the heaters when I dropped it.  The pendant also put a nice burn mark in the carpet, but I thought this was more spectacular.  I was able to salvage the pendant, but I was swearing a lot when this first happened.  Mom was sitting at the table sawing and just looked at me and said is the fire put out (sarcasm at its finest).  The burn does remind me of the screen I use to put the trivets on and there are times when I have actually reached down to try and pick it up.  Of course the garage smelled like burned carpet for the rest of the time out there, which was most of the day.  Not a nice smell burned carpet - YUCK!

Now onto the goodies for Kristi, Colie Bug and Company.  Mom and I made up some of our enameled pendants and I made up beads to send along with the pendants.  I had to beat mom off with a stick so she wouldn't run off with some of the pendants because she really liked how they turned out and the colors really came out the way I wanted.  Needless to say I think we will be making more of these types of pendants in the future.

Here is a sneak peek of what we are sending to Kristi.  I am not apologizing for the way the pictures look because I want Kristi to be surprised when she receives them and she can decide if she wants to share or wait for the Bead Soup reveal.

Miscellaneous beads I made

Enameled pendants

Enameled pendant

Mom and I really hope Kristi likes the pendants and beads.  We love the Bead Soup Party, but we are always on pins and needles worrying about whether or not our swap partner will like what we send them.  It is also frustrating waiting to see what everyone creates - but it is always well worth the wait to see all the wonderful creations!

Tomorrow I am taking the day off from work to paint my kitchen.  I am tired of putting it off and I just want to get it done - after six years in my house you would think I would have all the rooms painted, but sadly, no.  I still have to add one more layer of paint to my bedroom, paint the laundry room, third bedroom, and garage.  Lists, lists, lists, just keep get longer.  I will take before and after photos if I think about it.


  1. The temptation...can't wait to really see what you sent! Good luck with the carpet, that more than one way.

  2. Oh I got all excited for a minute, thought to myself I didn't know they were sending me goodies??? :) Note to self...there are other Kristi's out there in the world. Lucky Kristi!! Not to worry, mine are on the way!!

  3. Better the carpet than you! We are in our house almost 20 years & I am just getting around to painting again--they were freshly painted before we moved in.


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