Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shopped Till We Dropped

Well, ABR Imagery was freaking awesome!  Sooo much glass, so little time.  There was so much to see and so many things my grubby little paws could have grabbed and ran away with.  Instead mom and I just ran away with some Messy Glass, a pair of pliers and two small sized mandrels (don't worry, we did pay for it).  I could have spent hours in there.  HEAVEN.  This is what we bought.  I so can't wait to play with the glass and pliers!  Juls you were right, those guys were awesome to work with!


Beautiful, beautiful glass


When mom and I got home I worked on enameling several bowls and two pendants.  One of the pendants will be sent to Lori for the Cup of Bead Soup in November.  I was only able to finish one of the bowls before mom and I called it quits, we were wipped out come 6:30pm. I need to finish the backs of four leaf bowls and I will work on those bowls this weekend.  I really like how the blues came out on lotus pendant and the colors in the flower power bowl came out better than I thought!
Blue Lotus Pendant

Transparent Oranges & Transparent Yellow Bowl

This is the picture of the tweaked photo I created on Picnik of the pendant going to Lori.  I am in love with Picnik, I have been having a lot of fun with changing the look of the images.  I am like a little kid with a new toy.  I am easily amused.

I was reading Amy's blog, Copper Diem, and she is posting three positive things from each day.  She got the idea from a blogger named Clare at Three Beautiful Things blog.  I am more of a glass is half empty than half full kinda girl.  I have been trying to be more positive, but sometimes it is just not in my make-up to be positive.  It about killed me being positive when mom was looking for a job - she was sure I was going to have an aneurysm before it was all done.  I may not write down the three things every day, but I will try to post something each blog or every once in awhile - don't want to bore you all to death.

Today's three positive things:
1.  Coffee - enough said!
2.  Seeing my friends after being away from work for two days
3.  Working on jewelry tonight


  1. I love all of your positive things! Thanks for commenting on my blog and mentioning me!

  2. :P..................... (droooolin' ova hee yah!)
    I knew you'd love ABR.
    Gorgeous glass, gorgeous enameling, so glad y'all had such a great day.


  3. SWEET! Love love love the large hole mandrels...I have a few myself. The Messy glass is fantastic, isn't it?? think it's my favorite glass of all time. I love everything about it!

    Glad you had a great time!

  4. amen to the coffee and picnik. :)

  5. I agree -- beautiful, beautiful glass!

  6. Hope you had a nice visit in Bloomington. ABR is just around the corner from my favorite quilt shop!


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