Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy Weekend - The Way We Like It

Full Moon
I had to share the full moon image because it was freaking spectacular.  I left mom's house around 8:55pm and when I pulled on the road to get to my house, the moon just filled up the sky.  I turned around and called mom to tell her to get her flip flops on because I had to show her the moon.  I wish I had my camera at the time I first saw the moon, but this photo still is awesome!  Of course people driving by probably thought I was crazy taking photos, but I loved it!

Saturday was a busy day up until about 2:00pm when I went home with a headache.  I worked on making beads and mom worked on getting her toilet fixed.  Mom and I are jinxed with toilets.  We have to change the innards for both of our toilets every few years and it is a pain in the butt (hmm, didn't think of that as a pun).  I am going to have to change the innards of my second bathroom toilet again and it has been less than six months since I replaced the innards the first time. Like I said, we are jinxed with our toilets.

Here are the beads I made.  I am in a purple phase right now and I am sure I will move in soon.  I made the sugar beads for an enameled skull pendant that I have a design for a necklace.  The other beads are a flat bead, clear with frit, and hollow beads with frit.  I haven't made hollow beads in a long time, because I am not too good at making them.  Overall I am pretty happy with the way the beads turned out.

Sugar Beads

Flat Bead

Hollow Beads - Clear with frit

Today I worked on finishing up enameling the leaf bowls from last weekend and mom finished up sawing out a bowl and a piece we are giving a friend for her baby shower.  I can't wait to see the finished piece with the enamels.  Here is a peek of the bowls and the baby gift.

Large Red/Orange/Yellow Leaf Bowl
Small Brown Leaf Bowl

Large Yellow Leaf Bowl

Small Green Leaf Bowl

Sawed Out Flame Bowl

Lady Aduil - Baby's Name

While mom was working on cleaning, vacuuming and washing her car and my car I worked on taking photographs of a lot of our inventory and making two necklaces.  Here are the two necklaces I worked on.

Mom Vacuuming my car

Purple Haze Necklace
Purple Hollow Bead Necklace
I think I am done for the day.  I will work on posting inventory on Etsy this week, but it isn't happening tonight!  I need to go and make sure mom is done for the night, because she will keep going, like the freaking Energizer Bunny, until she collapses.  She is an idiot, but I love her anyway.

Oh, three things I am happy/positive today:
1.  Both mom and I got a lot accomplished today
2.  I love what I do - enameling, jewelery, lampworking, etc.
3.  I have a wonderful, awesome, great, fantastic mom!!!! (oh and mom starts her new job tomorrow - so I am excited about that)

I hope you all had a great weekend and got a lot accomplished like we did.
Peace out!


  1. Great job on the beads! I especially love the blue ones!

  2. What a weekend! I am so glad that you and your mom are so close it is awesome! Loved all the pictures and sure wishing I could get one of those leaf bowls!


  3. I love the "sugar coated" beads. I also love how you and your mom are so close and work so well together. Very cool, indeed.

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments! I am also glad mom and I are so close, especially after the rock start of the teenage years. I think it helped I went into the Army and we were away from each other a lot ;) Have a great week!


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