Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance - Yee Haw!!!!!

I just found out that Stringing Magazine choose our necklace to be in their challenge "Let's Go to the Movies".  I was freaking jumping up and down and scared my mom's cat as I ran to tell her the good news.  As Juls would say, "Jump up and down three times and slap your mama" because that is good news for us.  I am still bouncing in my seat.  And another Juls saying "Squeeeeee!!!!"

Here is the website for voting:

I am going to go vote now (I am not really voting for myself, I am voting for mom).  Great start to a wonderful weekend!!!!!!

P.S. I forgot to say how we made the piece (I am an idiot).
The black and white reels are copper that mom cut out and then I enameled.  The lampwork beads are beads I made.  The accent beads are Opalite and Czech Cathedral beads.



    Congrats ladies! I love the necklace and you'd betta believe I voted for it.

    Now I'm off to use my powers of mind control to make everyone I know vote for it, too.

    (No I've never used my mind control powers on YOU!)

    It is truly a unique and wonderful necklace that deserves the winning spot~ and I wish you two the very best in the competition.

  2. Juls you are the bomb! Thank you so much for your wonderful words because they mean so much to us! You have made this weekend full of great news for us!!!!

  3. Rock ON with your bad selves!! I'm going over to vote right now! WOOO!!!

  4. This necklace is the BOMB!!!!!!! I voted(and would again and again and again if they would let me!)


  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous and unique! Love it.


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