Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Indoor Show of the Season

Friday night and all day Saturday was our first indoor show of the season.  We were allowed to have one 6 foot table and we made the most of it by going up.  We had all the bowls on the table and then the neck stands and bracelets on the shelves.  We also had smaller bowls interspersed throughout the shelves.

This was our first time at this show and I think we did great!  We sold 12 of our bowls, three necklaces, and a bracelet.  We sold "All Fired Up" on Saturday, but you wouldn't believe how many people looked at that bowl before it was finally snatched up on Saturday.  Mom was happy that two of her bowls, Forlorn and Tribal, sold also.  She thought it would take a certain personality to really like those two bowls, but those two bowls must have spoken to the ladies who bought them.

Friday night was the opening for the patrons from 5:00pm to 7:00pm and then opened to the public from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (this was a long day for us).  On Saturday the show opened from 9:00am to 5:00pm.  Though the morning started out really slow because of all the rain. 

Friday night was also great because we found out that we were accepted into the Frankfort Library Art Show in November.  On the drive to Monticello mom and I were talking about emailing the woman in charge of the Frankfort show to see what we needed to do to improve on to get into the show for next year.  It was wonderful news to actually find out we were accepted.  Of course I am now in panic mode because that is a three day show and I want to make sure we have enough inventory.  We now have four more shows for the season; two one day shows, one two day show, and one three day show.  We are going to have to be bead and bowl making machines for the next few months!!!

I wish I thought of taking a photo of mom and I all dressed up, mom actually wore a dress. We even matched, both of us were in black and white.  I did take a photo of the necklace mom and I put together, right before the show, so I could wear it Friday and Saturday.  Mom worked on stringing one side and I worked on stringing the other side.

"Reel to Reel"
Today was a blow off day, even though I need to make up beads for a commissioned bracelet and earrings.  The bracelet and earrings are to go with a necklace that was bought on Friday night.  Both mom and I are in a blah mood, plus mom's AC went out today and we have fans going in her house.  At least we had good news about the Frankfort show and that we received wonderful compliments on our bowls and necklaces at the Broadway show; that make is all worth it!  I think I am going home and crashing.  Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. Congrats again! I'm sorry I left my comment on the wrong post. Looks like a little celebrating is in order!

  2. Your setup looks fab~ I'm so glad the show was a success!! Congrats. :D

    I've left you 2 fabulous ladies a surprise on my blog today.

    Big hugs~

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments. That makes mom and I feel like we are doing something right :) You guys are the bomb!

  4. Wow, I love this piece, so unique,!!! Thanks for listing me in your award list. I enjoy your blog too. I have been MIA a lot this month with health issues and then Jury duty!! Hope to get back on track after my first big Craft Fair tomorrow.


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