Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scenic Tour and Much Much More

Mom and I took vacation on Friday and this coming Monday.  We wanted to drop off our commissioned piece to the woman in Monticello, go to Kokomo to the Kokomo Glass Factory because I heard that they sold Messy Glass and go to Inspired Fire to pay off my Lucio piece so I could take it home and drool all over it!

Mom had to go and pick up her new glasses and go to the doctor, in the morning.  While she was doing that I worked on re-sizing images and posting them on Etsy.  I got four bowls, two pendants, one necklace and two pairs of earrings listed.  I wanted to list a couple of other bowls, but I realized when I was cleaning up my external hard drive I went a little delete happy and deleted out all the photos I took of those bowls.  So, when it finally decides to stop raining, I need to re-take all those photos again.  JOY!
After mom was done at the doctor's, we stopped at Inspired Fire to pick up my Lucio piece.  Sharon, the owner, was nice enough to let me put the piece on lay-away.  I already have one whip girl and a book by Lucio and I have been eyeing this piece for several years now.  When Lucio was here last year, they had an open house and he gave a class, I finally broke down and bought the whip girl.  Sorry, I have to show off our pieces, because mom has two of his pieces also. 

Sorry about the poor quality.  I took the photos at my house, no light box and crappy lighting.  I also had one of my cats who was very curious about what I was doing.

Whip Girl With Banana

Whip Girl with Goblet
My cat was curious for each picture.  I took her down and of course she had to come right back up.

Sorry, kind of bad position

Reville wanted to play too

Lucio Book

Lucio Signature - he drew Venice

Mom's Lucio Pieces
After dropping my piece off at home, we started our scenic tour of Indiana.  We stopped in Monticello to drop off the commissioned piece (bracelet and a pair of earrings).  We then headed to the Kokomo Glass factory.  We were on roads we never even heard about, it was kind of cool.  Both mom and I love our Tom Tom!!!!  We finally got to Kokomo Glass Factory and they didn't even have Messy Glass, I was bummed!  We even found out that the Sonic in Kokomo was closed.  WTH!!!!  Mom and I did stop at Treece's, located in Rossville, for dinner.  That made up for Sonic being closed, at least a little bit.

Today I worked on making beads for Lori of Pretty Things.  She is doing a Cup of Bead Soup each month.  I asked Lori if I could participate and she said yes.  I will be the featured artist for November.  I know that is a long time from now, but I wanted to get the beads and enameled pendant done now, because you never know what might pop up in the future.  I now need to work on creating a button to send her with a link so she can add it to her blog.  I never have done this before so this should be interesting.

Tomorrow will be an enameling day so I hope the sun is out so I can take photographs of the finished pieces.  Then Monday morning mom and I will be sewing a baby blanket and a blanket for an adult (I should probably say mom will be doing most of it, but I hope she will show me what to do.  I don't sew).  Then we are going to ABR Imagery, in Bloomington, IN for Messy Glass.  Of course I will call to make sure they are open to the public and that they do have Messy Glass in stock before we drive all the way down there.

P.S. I just created my first treasury on Etsy.  That was a lot of fun looking at different sellers on Etsy.  I haven't figure out how to get the PrtScn to work on the new computer, so here is the link:


  1. ABR is definitely open to the public, and they are a bunch of super sweethearts. Cody spent almost 2 hours on the phone with me helping me get my new set up working a few years ago. You'll love 'em.

    Speaking of love~ those Lucio pieces are out of this world. His details are so precise that I would swear he'd sold his soul to the devil to achieve them were they not also so breathtakingly beautiful. Nothing evil can be that good.

  2. I LOVE Lucio's work. Love.

    I'm so excited about our Cup of Bead Soup in November!

  3. @Juls - thanks for the info about ABR. I am so excited about going now. Another friend told me that they have a whole warehouse full of glass. A WHOLE WAREHOUSE!!! SHOPPING!!! I love Lucio and I have been lucky enough to take two classes with him. Though I would have been just as happy watching him work. It is beauty in motion - that is for sure!

    @Lori - I am so glad you are excited!


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