Saturday, April 10, 2010

We Encourage Touching

Mom and I encourage touching and holding our bowls because more often than not if a customer picks up a bowl they will buy it. I bring this up because Shannon from Missficklemedia said we would have to slap her hands away if she saw our bowls in person. Don't worry Shannon we don't slap, we encourage the touching and caressing!
Today was a whirlwind of activity in the studio. I actually was able to get seven bowls enameled, which I think is a record for me. While I was enameling mom cut out 14 bowls and a pair of earrings. I think the enameling of those bowls will be a three day project. I don't think I can handle standing on my feet any more than five hours at a time.

I feel better now because we have 41 bowls enameled and ready to be sold, except for the tags (ugh, I hate tagging and inventorying, where is the inventorying fairy when you need one!). I told mom I would be comfortable with a minimum of 30 bowls but I would be happier if we had 60 bowls. So, we are slowly getting there.

I was able to get photos taken when we got home. I need to really figure out how to use Photoshop so I can get the glare out of the pictures. I can't win when I take pictures no matter if I am in the sun, shade, or in the garage with a sun lamp. I hope you guys can bare with me until I figure out how to take better photographs.

Enough of my complaining, and yes I would like some cheese with my whine, on with the eye candy show:

Cut-out bowls (mom cuts out the intricate designs, which she loves to do, and I like to cut out the perimeters, which mom hates to do).

Enamels used were Cobalt Blue on the outside and misc. transparent yellows with a sprinkling of red and sunset orange

The wolf is misc. greys, browns and a sprinkling of black, the trees are misc. greens, and the moon and perimeter is cobalt blue with a sprinkling of black

The gecko's are red and orange and the rest of the bowl is misc. greens
A six inch bowl

Enamels used were misc. greys and browns

Small bowls

The middle enamels are misc. transparent yellows and the petals are Atlantic blue

The perimeter is black and the middle is Atlantic blue and cobalt blue

Small leaf bowl with misc. greens, red and orange sprinkled in there

And I am going to leave you with a photo of mom's Bradford Pear tree, to show that spring has actually sprung here in Indiana. I never thought the winter would end. I think this is my favorite time of the year when everything starts to bloom and the grass is green. Oh happiness, except for the mowing part!


  1. You two are such talented ladies. I love your bowls, they are so alive with movement and color!

  2. Absolutely amazing! The intricate cut work is so detailed.

    I had a post started and saved to draft when I visited your flickr and made that comment. I was posting it right now when I came over here to get your blog link to share with everybody. I had to laugh out loud when I saw you mentioned me!

    Yep! My smudgy fingerprints would be all over your gorgeous bowls!

  3. Shannon and Sharon thanks for your great comments. Those comments are the reason mom and I keep doing the work.

    Shannon thank you so much for mentioning us on your post. And we would never think you are annoying when you ask your questions, we love it when people ask us how we make our bowls and pendants. We would love to have your smudgy fingerprints all over our bowls!


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