Sunday, April 25, 2010

Christmas in April

Yesterday was like Christmas morning for mom and me. The enameling kiln arrived on Thursday and the new bowl stands, plate stands and jewelry stands arrived on Friday. Mom and I didn't open the boxes until Saturday, after mom cleaned up the garage some so we could move around.

The enameling kiln crate was really interesting trying to get the kiln out of the crate. It was like a puzzle, but we could use tools to get the presents out! I let mom take off all the wood sides, because I am like a bull in a china store. I am sure I would have broken something. I rather mom break the kiln than me!
Kiln in the crate
Mom trying to open crate
Kiln almost out of crate
Kiln on the stand
Enameling Kiln and Beading Kiln
Kiln furniture and Kiln wash
The next box we opened was the new acrylic stands for the enameled bowls and plates and new neck stands for our necklaces.
New Stands

Example of bowl stands

I had to add this photo of mom's cats. Three of her cats like to sleep together. The black cat and the black and white cat are brother and sister, Max and Samantha, and the orange cat is Sasha. Max has his paws wrapped around Sasha and I thought that was a great photograph.
Samantha, Max and Sasha
The last two photos are of mom and myself. Neither one of us like our photos taken, so this might be the last time you ever see a picture of us.
Mom working on inventory

Me working on a ring

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