Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dinner Cooked, Made Beads, Treasure Hunt - Check, Check, Check

Last night I actually cooked dinner, yes cooking does happen on occasion, though rarely.  My dinner usually entails just eating a piece of toast and getting on with my night.  But I was a nice daughter and I made dinner for mom and me.  A friend of mine gave me a recipe I wanted to try and the dinner actually turned out really well.  Nothing got burned or thrown out, victory for me!

I also worked on making up rings, for a commissioned piece.  I have two more rings I need to make, in the size the customer wanted.  I hope to have them done by Saturday so mom and I can go to Sleepycreek Vineyards to drop off the commissioned work and drink some wine slushies with Joe and Dawn.  I also worked on making beads to go with the owl pendant I won from Melanie on Earthenwood Studio blog.  I can't wait to see what I create with the owl and my beads, so exciting!!!

I then went on a treasure hunt in our bead stash and enameled copper pendant boxes to look for extras to send as a bead swap to Lorelei.  If you didn't know, Lorelei had an earring swap on her blog yesterday.  I was too late to participate, but Lorelei and I contacted each other and we are still going to do a swap.  I was so excited; I was like a kid in a candy store going through our boxes of extras.  Looking through the boxes it was a surprise all over again.  You forget what you make and then you open up the treasure chests and find some goodies.  Lorelei is probably going to think I am a fruit loop, but hey I had fun!  Here are some images of what I am sending her today.  The beads and pendants mom and I make.  We find a pattern we like, or draw up one and then glue the pattern to a sheet of copper, saw out the pendant, and then enamel the copper in a kiln.
Enameled Copper Pendants and Beads
Misc. Beads I made
Misc. Beads I made
Enameled Copper Pendants I made


  1. Oh.My.Goodness!!!
    I cannot wait! I love these, thanks so much Beth!! And by the way, I'm a bit of a fruit loop myself, so we are on the s a m e page baby!!

  2. Sounds like you had fun with dinner and bead hunting! Love all your beads, as usual!

  3. Thanks so much Sharon. It was a blast; to go through the beads and see them in a whole new light.
    Lorelei, I am glad there are more of us fruit loops out there. I can't wait for you to receive the packet. I had so much fun putting it together.

  4. Wine slushies? Now that sounds like a drink I can get involved with!

    Love your beads! And those enameled trees are terrific!


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