Monday, April 12, 2010

Gardening and a Surprise

On Sunday mom and I ran around looking at mulch and going to Menards to pick up 10 bags of soil. We then went over to my house to work in my two front flower beds. The flower beds have been getting on my nerves the last few years. I thought I would like all the bushes over running the flower bed and all the ground cover but it just looked messy.

So, while I mowed mom started trimming back my bushes in the flower bed under one of the bedrooms. When I was done mowing we started working on raking out the old mulch, limbs, leaves and so on. Once that was done we started working in the second flower bed. We pulled up all the ground cover, trimmed back some of the bushes and pulled out weeds and grass. It now looks oh so much better and I feel really happy. I just need to get one more plant to fill up an empty space and mulch.

The next projects are in mom's yard. We will work on her flower beds and then lay down the mulch after it is delivered. Once her flower beds are done we will go back over to my house and finish up the flower beds along the sides of the house, the back of the house, the big flower bed in the middle of my back yard, my garage needs cleaned up and painting the trim. I think this will be projects that we work on all summer long, or we may end up killing ourselves.

After mom and I were done, meaning mom had to spray down the siding and the sidewalk, I took her home. While I was there I thought I would check my email, Facebook, and the blog. I checked some of my favorite blogs and I went to Shannon's site, Missficklemedia, and what I found was she wrote a whole blog about us. I was flabbergasted and honored that she took the time to write a post about us. Shannon had mom and myself smiling and giggling for a good hour. Thank you so much Shannon for taking the time to write a post about us, you made us feel extra special!

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