Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Where does the time fly? Only four more classes and then finals and the semester is over with. It just seems like the semester started and now it is almost over, YIPPEE!! Not that I am excited or anything.

This past Saturday was a whirl wind of activity. Mom and I came over to campus for the dedication of the bronze horse by Deborah Butterfield. The horse's name is Silver Bow. During the dedication the department head discussed two more artists coming to campus and creating a sculpture and a textile piece. I don't remember their names but the pieces look really cool.

After the dedication mom and I ran home to change clothes and then headed to Bennett's to pick out flowers, bushes and ornamental grass. Mom had to dig out all of her ornamental grass because the centers of the grass died. So, she gets to start all over again. I bought two ornamental grasses and four day lilies for my yard.

After Bennett's we ran to Wrede's Rocks to buy mulch and have them deliver it. She had 4 yards delivered on Monday. Mom and I want to get her yard done before we start working on my yard, so we have one yard to work on at a time.

After Wrede's Rocks we ran to Menards and picked up 10 bags of soil for mom to pack around her new concrete edging around the gardens. The edging looks really really cool! I also bought a bush, Ninebark (I think), that is suppose to get 5 to 7 feet tall. Hopefully it is rabbit and deer resistant because I don't think my Burning Bush is.

I think we finished running around about 5:00pm on Saturday. On Sunday we were suppose to work on our inventory, pictures, and making pieces. It didn't happen. I woke up with a killer headache, so I took medicine and went back to bed and was in bed all day. While I was in bed mom put out 30 40-pound bags of top soil on both sides of the newly poured concrete edging and shoveled about an additional half ton of decorative rock into existing areas on the sides of her house. Mom does not know the word for taking it easy, full steam ahead is mom.

Monday didn't start off good. I didn't reset my alarm and got up at 7:30. I am usually up at 5:00am or before and get to work between 6:00am and 6:30am. I finally got to work around 8:30am and the rest of the day was off kilter. Ever have one of those days?

Monday night I went over to mom's and started to shovel mulch into her flower beds. I worked on the beds until 6:00pm and then told mom what she could and couldn't do the rest of the night. I told her she could finish laying the mulch out, but she couldn't shovel anymore! I told her she could only work on inventory, on Tuesday because I am in class and I don't want her to shovel. I told her I would be back on Wednesday and I would shovel more mulch for her before I go home to study for a quiz on Thursday. I have to dictate to mom because she will push herself until she is in pain. Someone has to watch over that crazy woman!!!!


  1. best wishes on your studies,
    the cool thing is, no matter how busy, you still find time to post in your blog and share your words of wisdom with others.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh man! I have a mom like that! But she won't listen to anyone! I hope when my daughter grows up she and I will be as close as you and your mama. :)


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