Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saturday Bowls and a Bracelet, Pendant, and Earrings

I finally took pictures of the bowls I enameled on Saturday. Last night was overcast while I was taking photographs and then it started raining for about a minute and then the sun came out. You have got to love Midwest weather.

The bowls are six inch circumference, we then shape the bowls and we enamel the bowls. I thought it would be nice to have some bowls without designs cut out in the middle, to give customers a selection to choose from.

Six Inch Bowls
Turquoise and spots of red enamel

Misc. transparent yellows on the outside and transparent purples on the inside

Misc. transparent blues used

Happy/Sad face with black and red enamel

I also worked on taking photographs of earrings last night. The only photo I have had time to crop and resize were the black/purple enameled earrings with black/purple flameworked glass beads. I really like how these earrings came out. Mom and I have decided to make more of these up, when we have the time.

I also created a bracelet last night from the glass tiles that I added pictures that mom and I have taken over the past year. I wanted to make a bracelet to wear to see how durable it was before I made any more up to sell. I also made a pendant out of one of the tiles to wear on a Sterling Silver chain to test also.

Yes, I know it is spring, but I already had an idea in mind for this bracelet. I do like how it came out though I made a small error on the clasp which I now know not to do again. Live and learn.

I am wearing this today and I am pretty happy with the results.

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  1. WOOOOOOOW! Your bowls are amazing! I wish I could see them in person, I bet they are breathtaking. In fact you would probably have to keep slapping my hand away.


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