Monday, March 29, 2010

Ho Hum and Awesome

Yesterday was a Ho Hum Blah kind of day. It rained almost all day and it was the gray yucky kind of day where you want to stay in your jammies, under the covers, napping or reading a book. I did sleep in until almost 10:00am, which is unheard of because there is so much you can get done if you are up by 6:00am.
I finally took a shower and went over to mom's house to see if my professor uploaded our study guide for our second exam on Thursday, and she did. I also worked on updating the blog and uploading photos to Flickr. Mom rolled out of bed (had a migraine) right before I left and I had her read what I wrote on the blog. Mom gave me a great compliment saying my blogging has improved since I started in 2008. She said I have loosened up a lot and have made the blogging more interesting. I thought that was a great compliment because I think my mom writes awesomely. After leaving mom's I stopped at Wallyworld for some stuff then went home and changed into my jammies and started reading a book. Notice I didn't work on my study guide, priorities man, I have my priorities!
This morning was freaking awesome and the day is only 7:00am. As I was leaving the house I looked to my left and you wouldn't believe what I saw, the Moon. IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! It is almost full and the moon was just hanging there, bigger than life. It was SWEET. I didn't have the camera in the car so I tried to take a photograph with my phone, no good. I called mom and got her voice mail message and left her a voice mail saying she had to look outside and find a camera and take a photograph. OH MY GOODNESS, have I said it was FREAKING AWESOME. That made my day right there. I hope people take the time to enjoy the simple things in life because that brightened my Monday morning right there.
I hope you all find something to brighten your mornings like seeing that moon did this morning for me. I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the small, or large, things in your life!

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