Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Eye Candy

I have finally cropped and resized the images of the enameled bowls, earrings and pendants that mom and I worked on Sunday and Monday. Sorry it took so long, but I was actually doing other stuff while I was on vacation; can't always be in the studio, which is sad to say.

On Wednesday I finally finished painting my bedroom, it only has taken me a year to finish. I started painting my bedroom last spring break and I have now finished painting it, though the walls need a second coat, that is going to have to wait until I have more money. Oh well, at least all the walls are green now instead of splotches of green here and there. I can finally put my Rena Brouwer and Bonnie Taylor paintings back up on the wall. I have missed looking at my paintings!!

So, I am going to post the images and then go out to mom's garage and work on making some beads. I want to finish up the small oxygen tank and get more delivered tomorrow. Plus I finally made beads for the March Bead Challenge and I need to get the necklace put together and photos taken and get those images uploaded. Work, work, work, never is done, but at least it is fun!!! Enjoy and I hope you all have a sunny day like we do here in Indiana, soak up those rays!!!!

Bowl Images:
Amber Waves of Grain - Misc. Transparent Yellows Used

Tribal Bowl - Black Enamel with Red Enamel around the Images

Our Second Large Bowl - Black Enamel w/ Transparent Mauve Purple and Rose Purple - I wish you could see this bowl in the sun - the picture does not do it justice!!!

Small Misc. Yellows used - Mom and I plan on adding an image in the middle of the bowl. It is an image of a flower I took a picture of last year. I love this image. Isn't it awesome! (sorry had to toot my own horn)
Small bowl - enamels used were transparent Oil Grey and Mauve Purple
Small bowl - enameles used were an opaque brown and two transparent greys - which you really can't see
Folded small bowl - enameles used were misc. greens

Enameled Plates (I am sure mom came up with a name for these bowls but I can't remember what she said. Yes mom, in one ear and out the other):

Enamels used: Misc. yellows
I couldn't get these earrings to fit on the trivets we had, so mom textured them and then I patined them in Liver of Sulfer

Enameles used were opaque red and transparent turquoise - mom hasn't decided if these will be pendants or earrings. I still have to file the enamel down on the back of the pendants

Happy/Sad face - enamels used were opaque red and black. There was another mask mom cut out and I was enameling but I had issues with the mask and then I tried to fix it and it is just getting worse. I told mom to cut out another mask because I am tired of the other one (I should say it is ticking me off!)


  1. These pieces are georgious! Thank-you for sharing your work!:)

  2. I love those beautiful bowls, so colorful and one of a kind, enameling sure is addictive!


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