Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Fantabulous Birthdays

Well, another year older for both mom and myself. My birthday was yesterday and mom's birthday is today.

I had an awesome birthday celebration at work. The girls decorated my office and we had tons of junk food to munch on throughout the day.
For lunch, since it was my birthday, I chose to eat at El Meson. Had my usual and then the waiters brought out this big honking thing with tons of whipped cream on it. They put a sombrerro on my head and held the cake thing in front of my face while singing happy birthday. They then put my face in the whipped cream. Next thing I see are at least five cell phones taking photographs of me. Oh well.
On Saturday mom picked me up for breakfast and then we went back to her house to open my gifts. Mom got me a coffee bean grinder, my favorite coffee beans, and textured plates to use on copper. Aunt Vickie got me a great copper pendant with a turquoise cabochone.

Mom and I then drove to Indy to Bead Angel and spent some money on seed beads, bead caps, and $1 cabochones. They didn't have any toggle clasps, so I will have to look for those somewhere else.

We then headed over to the fair grounds for the Patio and Flower show. This year they only had the show in one building, so that was a disappointment. So, I asked mom if she wanted to go to Macroni Grill and of course she said yes. So, that was our birthday dinners. I also have to do a shout out to the TomTom. We did not get lost once in Indy!!!!

Today, both mom and I are all out of whack because of the stupid time change. But I finally got over to her house and she finally got ready and then opened her gifts. I got mom a ticket to go see Nickleback in concert on May 22nd at the Verizon Center. I got a ticket also to go with her.
She was so exicted!!!!! Mom's gift from Aunt Vickie was a "King Turquoise" wire wrapped cabachone. It is awesome!
We are now over in the metals studio working on inventory. I am hoping it is nice out this week so I can take photographs of our inventory. Cross your fingers that the rain has stopped!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES!!!!! Sounds like a fun one for you both.
    I love Bead Angels~Connie is the best. And now I am missin' Indy! I'm debating doing Penrod this year, but will defnitely be at Broad Ripple next year. We'll have to meet up! :D

  2. Sounds like an awesome plan! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. Wow! You ladies sure know how to celebrate a birthday! Did the celebration go on for a week ... or was that two! Happy B-day!

  4. What a birthday celebration! You gals know how to party! I hope you do take pics, I'm anxious to see what lovely things you've created!


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