Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Work From Saturday

Saturday mom and I spent a lot of time in the studio. I think we are now in panic mode because our first show is fast approaching (May 8th) and we still have not heard if we were accepted into four more shows. We are going on the assumption we are going to be accepted so need to make more and more work!!!! Of course the full time jobs and going to school are getting in the way of our all important work; making jewelry and enameled bowls. Oh well, need the job to pay the bills, big sigh!

While mom worked on cutting out more bowls I worked on enameling four bowls and four pendants. I know there are times when you make something and you really don't like how it turns out; that happened yesterday with one of our bowls we enameled. Both mom and I DO NOT like how the colors turned out, but we keep telling ourselves that someone else will like it.
I also had two pendants that are having issues. One I need to fix because it stuck to the trivet and pulled the enamel off and the other pendant had enamel fill the hole, where the jump ring is suppose to go. I think I won't fix that problem, I will just figure out a different way to hang the pendant (improvise, adapt and overcome).
I am pretty happy with the other bowls we enameled and the two pendants that did turn out.
Abstract shape and enamels used were transparent yellows
Enamels used were Jungle green and two transparent greens and a transparent brown
We have had this hand cut out for over a year and I have been putting off enameling it because I was not sure how I was going to do it. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I used White and Atlantic Blue enamels.
Frog pendant and the enamels I used were various greens with red and sunset orange as accents. Isn't he adorable!!!
I LOVE this pendant. I am not usually good at choosing colors, but I am sooo happy with the way the colors turned out on this. I used transparent mauvpe purple and rose purple on the inside and two transparent yellows on the outside. This is so fabulous!!!!
Bowls mom cut out:
These still need to be formed and enameled
After mom and I left the metals studio and ate lunch, we went back to her garage to start cutting more stuff out and glueing down patterns that need to be cut out. I worked on sawing and mom worked on glueing stuff down.
Small bowls, earrings and pendants
More bowls and pendants
What I cut out: three plain bowls to be shaped and enameled, two leaf pendants, an elephant pendant, and five pairs of circle earrings


  1. Years agao a friend's husband reminded us we don't have to love/want every piece because someone else will! I try to remember that. Everything looks great & going on the assumption you have been accepted & will need more product is always a smart way to think~ good luck :)

  2. Good luck on your shows, I'm sure you'll be accepted. How big are your bowls?


    And you watch, the bowl you really don't like will be the first to get snatched up. So don't underprice it just because you don't like it, mmmkay? :)

    Did I mention DIBS ON THE HAND BOWL!? :D

  4. The bowls are small, medium and large :) We haven't measured the finished bowls. The original diameter of the patterns are approximately, before forming, 3", 6", 8" and 10".


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