Monday, March 8, 2010

New Toy - TomTom

About a week ago mom ordered a TomTom from QVC for us. Now, cross your fingers, we will not get lost in Indy or Chicago (though I am not holding my breath). The TomTom's maiden voyage was our trip to Sleepy Creek Vineyards yesterday. Mom and I wanted to drop off a commissioned piece, pick up our inventory for a show in April, drop off some of my ceramics to sell and sit around talking and drinking wine slushies. Overall, it was a great Sunday. We both love Sleepy Creek!

Mom and I didn't go to the metals studio this weekend. Though I worked on making up beads for the March Bead Challenge and mom worked on making up some pieces. We need to make up earrings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets for our upcoming shows. We both are freaking out about having enough inventory. Here are some photos of stuff we have in the works or have completed.

Oh, the tree beads I made for the challenge didn't work out. One of them cracked down the middle and the other one we can't get off the mandrel. Those are were my practice pieces, yeah right! Enjoy.

Beads for March Bead Challenge

Stuff to work on



Viking Knit Bracelet

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