Thursday, March 4, 2010

What I Should Have Done But Didn't

Next Thursday I have a quiz in my East Asian History course. The professor posted the study guide on Monday and I should have worked on it last night, but of course I found other things to do. I did answer eight of the questions though; at least it is a start and the book was soooooo boring, snooze fest!!!

Instead I worked on sealing the photographs I want to use on the glass tiles. Yes, I am working in the laundry room because the children would have tried to help me and then all hell would have broken loose. I don't think it would have been fun trying to get Mod Podge or Diamond Glaze out of their fur and I am sure they wouldn't have appreciated me trying to get that stuff out of their fur. On Friday I will work on adding the photographs to the glass tiles and then start putting them together into bracelets or necklaces.

The above photograph is of my test tiles. I made up test tiles and painted the Lead Free Glazes I am using on the tiles because I am testing clear glazes for stoneware and porcelain before I add those glazes to my pieces. Cross your fingers I mixed the recipe correctly so I can start glazing my finished pieces.

The following images are pieces I am currently working on.

Helmet with flowers

Headphones with Russian words

Gas mask with flowers

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