Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Prepping for Show and New Pieces to Share

This past weekend was more prepping for the show - mom was doing inventory - and I was making glass beads for a piece we need to complete for the Awareness Blog Hop on Saturday.

This is the second batch of beads I worked on. Mom wanted a different colored pink so I went digging through our stash and found a couple of rods of different pink. Both mom and I are much happier with these beads - so we will make bracelets out of the other set of beads I had made for the necklace on Saturday - Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!!!

I also stamped a pendant and a bracelet bar - I haven't stamped anything in over a year. I asked mom to grid it all out for me - it still came out a little crooked but we are both happy with the pieces.

I think our liver of sulfur has gone bad - which I didn't think was possible. I had a really hard time getting a patina on these pieces. We have a Viking Knit bracelet that is raw copper that we wanted to patina and then the piece I am using in a bracelet. I even soaked it overnight and didn't get the patina I wanted. I think that is one of the first things we will buy after the show Saturday - more liver of sulfur!

Last night I worked on cleaning the beads and getting the pieces cleaned up from the liver of sulfur. While I was doing that mom was working on inventory and making some earrings and bracelets. Below is what we got made up.

Cuff Polymer clay from Humblebeads

We made the Viking Knit chain and then incorporated a cuff polymer clay piece from Humblebeads.

Cuff polymer clay from Humblebeads

We made the Viking Knit chain and then incorporated a cuff polymer clay piece from Humblebeads.

Mom and I sit together - or I should say I drag mom over - to help me decide on what beads to use as accent beads in between our lampwork glass beads. This is actually a small bracelet with Czech beads, our lampwork glass beads (if you look close there is silver in the blue), and seed beads.

I love how these beads turned out - we used Czech Cathedral beads as accents with seed beads.

Mom and I wanted to make a necklace to go with the piece we created for Sally's Make a Statement Necklace earlier this year, click here to see the necklace. We both love how this came out - I love the jump rings mom did on the bracelet. We are thinking of making a necklace like the bracelet - probably not in these colors, because I am sure everyone is getting tired of those colors.

Mom and I plan on making a few more pieces in the next couple of days before the show on Saturday in Zionsville - the Brick Street Market Show. I will share once we are done creating them. Busy, busy, busy next few days but lots of fun!

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