Saturday, February 28, 2015

Makes A Statement! - Creative Jewelry Challenge #1

Mom and I are participating in Sally's Make A Statement Jewelry Challenge. I thought this would be a fun way for me and mom to get back into the swing of things on the creation front. For the challenge, Sally asked us to make a statement piece: a bold and unique piece of jewelry.

Well, here is the process of how we went about it and then I will share the end product.

Mom drew up the pattern for the bib necklace we wanted to create. Just so you all know, if you didn't already know, I hate to measure or do anything math related. So, thank goodness for mom!!!! I am glad she took on this challenge - and yes - we are scanning this so it doesn't get lost for future pieces.  Mom drilled holes in each of the circles and filed/sanded each one before I enameled each one.

These are the beads I ended up making for the piece - at first mom wasn't sure if she liked them - but after they were cleaned she was happy with them. We just had to figure out what to use as accent beads.

Here are the pieces being enameled last weekend. Yes, it isn't fun to enamel those little buggers!

Mom assembling all the circles with jump rings.  Tedious!

And then my setup to take pictures of the piece. Trying to get a good shot was interesting.

So - finally our statement piece:

As you saw - we used 20 gauge copper that was enameled in a kiln. Mom then assembled the piece with 18 gauge stainless steel jump rings, with our lampwork glass beads, Czech beads, Jasper, seed beads and finished off with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

I used enamel colors that are our favorite - I call it peacock. I just love the different colors of green that show up on the metal.

The beads were made with a base of clear glass and then rolled in colored frit. The beads were then strung on beading wire with accent beads.

Here is a close up of the small circle pendants. When I sprinkle the enamel on the copper I have to make sure all the copper is out of the holes so the enamel doesn't fill the holes when I put it in the kiln. I actually use a dental pick that my grandpa used for detailed work.

Mom and I are really happy with the way the piece turned out. I am so glad we participated in Sally's Statement Challenge.

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If you can't view the participants please click here to go to Sally's blog.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I remember commenting on FB about the math involved in the bib design layout - ha! This is truly amazing - the assembly would not bother me in the least - it's that math involved in the design! :)

    Gorgeous discs - I love the "speckles" of color - even the name Peacock is beautiful! Cannot begin to imagine the process of enameling without getting the glass in the holes....You two make awesome team mates! :) Well done ladies!!!

  2. Hi Beth and Evie,
    Y'all did a wonderful job on the necklace I love the colors it is gorgeous. I would have had a time with the bib part and it would have never come out looking that good.

  3. What a great combination of colors and materials! I love the chain maille look. It is fabulous to create in a mother daughter team!

  4. A beautiful piece. A statement piece for sure. I love the enameled pieces and those beads are gorgeous!

  5. Awesome! I absolutely love what you did! Sure to get the attention it deserves when you wear it! You are one skilled crafts woman!

  6. Wow, the process you went through to get your end result is amazing! So is the end result- very stunning.

  7. LOVE, love, love your combo with your Mom. How wonderful that your skills complement each other and that your shared passion brings you together. Now to your piece. Just wonderful. You should really get extra credit for making your own components - wow! It was all I could do to just use items I purchased. And I so enjoy reading about your creative process and seeing the photos along the way. Thanks for the great bonus material!

  8. I am just in awe of this piece and its assembly. How amazing to envision a piece and then go create the beads?! Oh my friken God! that is cool. What a beautiful necklace and a serious statement in style!

  9. Wow! You and Mom did a fabulous job with the challenge! You two nailed it! What a showstopper!!! And thank you so much for share the the design process from inspiration to finish, it was so nice to see how the two of you collaborate on the whole piece! I love the little flecks of green in the lampwork beads, who I'm I kidding I love the whole thing!!!!

    Thank you both so much for participating in the challenge I hope that you two will join me in April for the Cabby Challenge!!

  10. Beautiful piece. I just love it.

  11. Talk about a statement! And I loved hearing about the creation process.

  12. Oh WOW, this is such an amazing piece, I love your enamel pieces and the colours in these are just stunning, defiantly a statement piece, I love it!

  13. Excellent job! I can see the hard work that went into it. You and your mom did a great job on it.

  14. I knew coming in that I'll be in for a great piece - I just love the teamwork between you and your mom. It produces such elegant, perfect pieces: the enamel, the glass, the whole concept: pure perfection. Love it!

  15. Oh wow! This is a great creation! I love the color and the guys did a fabulous job together!


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