Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fun Holiday Weekend

Once of the rose bushes we bought. It rained Tuesday night and then the
sun came out. This had just bloomed that day.
This past weekend was a nice weekend for mom and myself. We did some shopping at the Round the Fountain Art Fair, bought several rose bushes and clematis to plant in the yard, worked on making beads, sawing and I actually cleaned my part of the house. So, I think it was a pretty productive weekend.

Mom and I bought more garden art pieces to add to the "Smelly Plot" between the two sections of the house. I actually bought a piece from these artists up at the Ann Arbor Art Fair in 2014. It was awesome to see them at the Round the Fountain.

A little blue bird - I still haven't decided if I will leave it on Mr. Squiggly
Wiggly or actually hang it. I sort of like it where it is.

An owl in flight

I LOVE dragons - so I thought this was perfect.
I should have taken a back picture because
The back is made from bike chain.

The front side
Mom's purchase - "Artful Dodger" but
"Artie" for short. Mom just loves
his sleepy eyes :)

On Sunday I worked on making beads for the May ABS Challenge piece mom and I have yet to saw out - so it will probably be finished on Sunday :) But hey, better late than never. While I was making beads mom was out in the yard - she hasn't wanted to work in the yard - but I think the yard bug finally bit her on Sunday.

I made two different colors - both have a base of green but I used two different frits. I tried to pull in most of the colors from the May ABS painting colors.

It is hard to see the colors but they turned out awesome - this is before I cleaned the beads. Yes, I know I need to take a picture of them since I have cleaned them.

After I finished making beads on Sunday my cousin and her husband came over. Her husband, Bob, saw the green bracelet when I posted it to Facebook. So, he brought Sandy over to look at the bracelet but Sandy and Bob ended up buying three bracelets. That was a nice surprise - but I think the best part was that we sat for a few hours just talking. It was great to just sit with them and reminisce about our family and things mom and Sandy did when they were kids. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

On Monday I moved all the sawing supplies from the computer room to the garage. Now that it is warmer out we can work in the garage instead of the little computer room. Plus it is so nice to open the garage and let the sun in and the breeze. Of course we will be roasting in July and August, but it is what it is. I was able to saw out several bowls, and several pendant perimeters. There is a lot to saw out and file and sand, but it should keep us busy for awhile.

I also ended up vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning the bathroom Monday afternoon. So, yup, I feel like we did accomplished a lot.

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