Thursday, May 14, 2015

30 Words: Inventory

Necklace Inventory - last thing to do

Inventory – the BANE of our existence

It is a necessary evil

But I sure WISH that there were

Inventory fairies that came

Overnight and completed

ALL the work for you.

So - this is what mom has been working on since Saturday morning - inventory. It wouldn't be so bad if we could use our inventory numbers for every show, but we have a couple of shows that you have to use their inventory numbers.

Well - we are prepping for this weekend's show but also for our show in July. We actually got the number we will be, so mom went ahead and inventoried the pieces with those numbers so we are doing it at crunch time in July (very smart mom - there is a reason I keep you around).

So - that is our 30 Words this week. Please head over to Erin's blog and check out 30 Words.

1 comment:

  1. That does not sound fun... I feel lucky I've never had a show that needed that... just the galleries I work with. Good luck with your shows!


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