Monday, May 18, 2015

After Action Review of the Brick Street Market Show

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Mom and I took Friday off to prep more for our show on Saturday, the Brick Street Market in Zionsville. This is what the garage looked like - me spread out on the torching table and mom spread out on tables we had setup to layout the inventory.

Mom finished writing the tags on the inventory and I finished assembling final pieces for the show. And then we ran errands, pulled out all the stuff to load up the car and put up the tent to see how we were going to setup for the show.

Mom and I had put up the tent so we could layout the tables and bring in the grids under the tent. We couldn't have anything sitting outside the tent - so we had to change up the layout a bit. We took a pic of the layout so we could remember it for the show (neither mom and I have good memories anymore - the old age has set in).

This is the tent setup for the show - mom is sitting in the back. At this point in time it wasn't raining - but the rest of the show it rained. Nothing you can do about Mother Nature.

Another look from the back to the front. Right now it is pouring down rain - which you can't see but believe me you could feel :) Mom and I finally broke down and put up the back panel because we had a flood coming in from the back of the tent. We tried to have two openings but that stopped once the back went up.

We also had a slight accident. While mom was walking around she fell. It is good thing she learned how to fall from Judo and Kenpo otherwise I think she would have hurt herself more. Instead she has a nice scrapped knee and a lot of embarrassment. Poor mom - can't take her anywhere.

On Sunday mom and I unpacked the car. Because it was supposed to rain again we put up the tent panels and tent in the garage so it could dry out. We really didn't want the tent to mold. Once this dries up we will put the tables up to dry out the jewelry and then wipe it all down.

So - that was our weekend.

I will complete this post with the last of the jewelry I finished up for the show and a photo a friend sent of a piece she is wearing that we created:

This is our piece from the April ABS Challenge:

Our friend purchased the April ABS Challenge piece and this is a picture she sent of herself wearing it. It is so much fun to see pictures of people wearing our pieces. I think it goes perfectly with the outfit she is wearing. This puts a smile on our faces - knowing our pieces are being enjoyed.

That is it - so - have an awesome week everyone!

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  1. Glad your mom is ok and nothing worse happened. It's such a shame when it rains at Shows, but nothing you can do about. Love that hummingbird necklace.


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