Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bead Making Weekend

This past weekend was a bead making weekend for me. I was just playing with different colored glass and frit and just having a grand old time of it.

Butterfly Wings - bead type

A couple of the beads I made this weekend. I made up some test beads - two beads each so if we like them mom will use them to make earrings. I also made up a "butterfly wings" type of bead.

Saturday kiln haul
I really liked how the "butterfly wings" came out so I made up several more to make a necklace out of them. Those beads are still in the kiln from Sunday.

It also rained a lot this weekend so I was having fun going outside and taking pictures of the water droplets on the clematis out front.

I also made three of the cats really happy by putting out cat nip for them to roll around in and just having fun. Of course I am still finding cat nip every where, even after vacuuming several times. It was well worth it.

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