Friday, June 15, 2012

Quiet Week

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This past week I had another migraine on Monday and Tuesday and I did nothing but go from the bed to the bathroom and tried not to move at all.  This year has not been a good year for migraines - I am wondering if I have allergies and the pollen is triggering them.  Not sure and I hate going to the doctor, but I might have to suck it up and go.

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Some good news for mom - she will be having surgery on July 31st for her gall bladder.  Ever since she fell in January she has been in pain, upset stomach, pain under her ribs and a lot of other symptoms.  She has gone to her PCP and explained what was going on, but the PCP was blowing her off.  I was talking to a friend of ours, who had her gall bladder out, and she recommended going to see her surgeon about it.  Well, mom did and he said lets take it out.  Finally, someone who listened to mom and is doing something to help her.  I highly recommend going for a second, third or fourth opinion if you are in pain.  Don't live with it - find someone who will listen to you!!!  I am so glad I kept nagging mom.

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Now, her foot issue won't be resolved until August or even later.  She will have surgery but we are trying to figure out when because September we have a show every weekend and I sort of need help with the shows.  So, we are still in the air about that.  Though it should be interesting because the kids come up for a visit the last week of June and first week of July.  We have made mom sign a contract that she will stay in the transport chair (we are doing a theme park and some museums) between rides and she can get out of the chair to go to the bathroom and eat - THAT IS IT!!!!  Mom has signed the contract and swears she will do it - otherwise I will beat her!!!

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This is what I wish my yard looked like.  Hardly any mowing and the trees and bushes are gorgeous.  Now, below is what my yard really looks like.

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Last night I worked in my yard - I think it might be even worse than the image from Bing.  I have not worked in my yard at all this year.  I wish I liked working in the yard like mom does - I love how it looks, but I hate doing it!  At least I have started to work in the yard without mom helping me - I know I can do it, but what a freaking pain!!!  I wish I had a garden fairy that would work on it at night - oh well.

This weekend we will be working on sawing out more pieces - I would really like to participate in the Lark Books 500 Necklaces submissions.  Mom and I even have an idea for a necklace or two.  Cross your fingers that we can get it done. 

Thank goodness it is Friday - so have a great one and a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Sorry you got hit with those migraines - they can be so debilitating. Hope mom's gall bladder removal goes without incident. Have a great weekend and get to work on that necklace for the "Lark Books" - it would be so great to see you guys in the book.


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