Thursday, June 7, 2012

In the Heron's Wings - Erin Prais-Hintz

Mom and I had to share this.  Back in December 2011, the wonderful and talented Miss Erin sent us an email asking if we would like to do a collaboration with her.  She was planning her design for the Verse and Vission II in Gallery Q

Metal Wall art from ericlangeliers on Etsy.

The poem Erin was interpreting is called "In the Heron's Wings".  Erin sent us the poem and the above image to give us an idea of what she was looking for.  The poem was awesome and the image helped mom come up with an idea for Erin.

Heron 1 that mom sawed out and I enameled.  This is the heron that Erin ended up using in her piece.  You can see more about the piece on Erin's blog for the Challenge of Literature.  Erin wrote up a wonderful post about this piece and two other pieces she created - she is such a stupendous artist (in words and jewelry)!!!!!

Heron 2 that mom sawed out and I enameled. Erin didn't end up using this one and sent it back to us.  I haven't decided if I will list it on Etsy or if mom and I will make it into a necklace (we do have a show coming up in July).

Today mom and I received a package from Erin.  It had the heron inside and a wonderful surprise.

 Aren't her cards awesome - the details she puts into everything!

The note Erin wrote to mom and I.

The postcard Erin sent of the Verse & Vision 2 announcement at Gallery Q.

Verse & Vision 2 book
The wonderful surprise Erin sent us - the copy of the Verse & Vision 2 book with all the poems and artwork based on those poems.  Guess what I will be reading tonight - sorry mom, you will have to wait :)

Poem and Necklace

The photo isn't that good and it is hard to read the poem so I recommend going to Erin's blog post for the Challenge of Literature to read it.  The poem is awesome!

I hope you take the time to head to her blog - she is such a wonderful writer and awesome artist - it is well worth the stop!


  1. I did read Erin's blogpost and your piece...and hers...are magnificent! What a special gift she sent you! Enjoy!

  2. I love love love what Erin did with your Heron. I loved your Heron and I am sooo happy that she sent all this to you! What an incredible pair you have made!!! Happy Hugs Always!!!!

  3. Hi Beth,
    You and your Mom do amazing work. When I first saw the necklace that Erin created with the beautiful Herron you made for her piece my jaw dropped. The Herron totally made the necklace. That was a kind and wonderful thank you Erin sent to you and your Mom.

  4. Beth, That is a stunning piece you both created and Erin's Necklace is of course to die for. What a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with her!! I have been very busy at my new job and miss doing and seeing everyone's art on line. Since I have Monday off I am hoping to have a little creative time and blog cruising time this weekend. Hope all is well with you both, miss you. Heather

  5. Miss Beth & Miss Evie - I have been away from the blogs for about a week with the Bead & Button show. Just got back yesterday evening. Whirlwind! I was delighted to work with you. There is nothing finer in my mind than to collaborate with other artists. You surely rose above and beyond with this project! The V&V II will be a traveling exhibit into 2013... your heron will be winging it's way around the state of Wisconsin! So glad you like the book I sent! Enjoy the day. Erin


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