Saturday, June 23, 2012

Enameling Saturday and Kidlets

Today was an enameling session - making pendants for family as gifts.  It felt good to enamel because I don't even remember when the last time was.  Between mom and me having migraines and mom's foot acting up - just haven't been working in the studio like we should.  Though mom has been better at it than me.  Need to get back into the groove again, and it was nice to enamel today, not too hot and not too cold.

I did have the larger fan going because it was pretty warm over by the kiln though the rest of the garage was about 80 degrees.

A couple of pieces ready to go into the kiln.  The elephant had to be fixed that is why there is no enamel on him.  This piece has needed to be fixed for about three years - finally did it.  I really wish I knew what colors I used to make it because I love it!

The group of finished pendants.

This is an "Earth" pendant - wheat.  The colors used were miscellaneous yellows and black.

The elephant pendant - I know it is transparent colors but not sure what ones.  I guess I will be experimenting.

A gecko pendant - various greens and red.

A Guardian of the Woods pendant - miscellaneous transparent greens, yellows, oranges and red.

A heart pendant with my favorite mixed enamels - "Peacock".  I really love how these three enamels mix together!!!!

A "Peace Symbol" pendant with the peacock colors.

A triangle pendant with black, transparent purple and transparent turquoise.  I was again trying to get the colors of our "Cosmos" bowl.  Didn't get there again.  You can see a bit of turquoise on the bottom right leg and you can see the purples.  Oh well...I will keep trying to recreate the "Cosmos" bowl.

Mom and I received an email from Lori last night with the name of our Bead Soup partner - Karin Slaton.  We need to email her and introduce ourselves and find out more about her.  Once we have more information we will be sharing.  Now the exciting part - what we send her and what we receive from her.  More later!!!

Mom, Kaitlyn and Skyler
In a little while mom and I will be on the road to Jasper/Santa Claus, Indiana.  We are meeting up with my brother, his girlfriend, her daughter and the kidlets.  Brian is taking everyone to Splashin' Safari today (mom couldn't do it because of her foot) and tomorrow we are going to Holiday World.  I have the transport chair in the car for mom to sit in tomorrow.  She is only allowed to get out of the chair to go to the restroom, eat, give hugs to the kids and get on the rides - that is it!  On Monday the kids are coming back with us for two weeks.  Mom and I have been looking for things to do around the area where I can push her in the chair and keep the kids occupied.  I think we will be doing a lot of museums and zoos.
Mom and I want to thank everyone who has voted for us.  There is still time to go and vote. Please go to and click on Log In with Facebook to Support Your Community and type EB Bead and Metal Works in the small business box.
I will try and check email, Facebook and the blog while the kids are here.  No guarantees though.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I LOVE the elephant! Have fun at Holiday World. We keep saying we should go.


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