Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Recap

In my last post I mentioned about a decision I had to make.  Well, the decision has been made and now I have to live with it even if it bites me in the ass.  It is still eating at me but I need to keep on trucking and live with that decision and "Don't Look Back".  Right now the jewelry is more important to me than going for another job that pays more.  I would really like to have the extra money but then I wouldn't have the time to go back to school to finish my degree or do what I really love with mom, the jewelry.  So, decision made and life moves on. YIPPEE!!!

Last weekend was our show at Sleepy Creek Vineyards.  Saturday it started out rainy, which was not fun especially for setting up.  We were lucky and got the tent up before the rain started to come down hard.
Rain falling in the pond

Outside our tent
You can see the rain falling in the pond, which was located right outside our tent.  Mom and I love this spot and we have had it ever since Joe and Dawn started the art festival.  I think you can see the rain coming down pretty hard outside the tent.

The sun did eventually come out and people started to show up and shop.  At this fair there is live music, food, lots of artists and of course the wine - must not forget the wine!

This was our set up for this show.  Because of the rain we couldn't set up our screen, so everything is laid out on the back table.  Made it a little cramp but at least nothing got soaked.

I had to share these two photographs.  Behind our tent was a humming bird feeder and we had this little guy visit it throughout the day.  I have one photo of him stopping and actually drinking and I finally got a picture of him flying to the feeder.  How awesome is that!

This is mom's garage right now.  Once we got home, unloaded the car and then vegged the rest of the week.  We did NOTHING!  I haven't even blogged, Facebooked or anything.  I think I really needed a break.  Now, I am back, you poor poor people :)

Today the sun is out so mom and I have the tent set up to dry off.  I also set up one of the tables so mom can go through the inventory and clean up the silver before our show this weekend.  I am going to finish up this blog post, close out Pinterest (Which I am freaking hooked on now - two hours yesterday and three hours today), go work on cleaning up beads and making new beads.  Yes, like I said, I think mom and I need a small break from everything and now I am ready to get back to work.

Oh, I have to share what I did to my hair yesterday.

I went pink again.  It has been, about five years, since I had my hair colored pink.  I think I felt like I needed to do something different.  I love it when my hair is pink and I need to figure out the budget so I can keep doing it.  It makes me smile and that is all that matters!!!

Have a great weekend all!  I am glad to be back!


  1. I tried to leave a comment earlier - but for some reason it didn't "take". Here's trying again.
    I love your hair, and good for you to keep on with what you love - your jewelry.

  2. Our hair matches!!!!!

    And I'm glad you made a decision. I'm still struggling with mine.

  3. The decision you made was the best one for you and glad you are not looking back. Glad the art festival weather worked out for you, and I love your hair.

  4. Good on you for coming to your decision...I am sure you mulled over it for ages! I always like your busy much in each one! Love the Hummingbird and the hair is awesome!

  5. I'm obsessed with Pinterest too. It really helps get my creative juices flowing. I hope you don't really think your choice will bite you in the ass; I'm sure you put a lot of thought in to it and that means your decision is the best for you right now.

  6. Picking your path is hard and you need to keep in mind that it is your path. I am glad you went with your heart! Lovin the pink!!!!

  7. I am having my first ever (and probably last!) show this Saturday. I don't have nearly as much set-up as you do - so wish this newbie luck!

    Bead Soup Mix


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