Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lots and Lots Going On

I wanted to give a big Thank You to Lori for putting on the best ever Bead Soup Blog Party!  I know this was a big undertaking and Lori did a wonderful job as usual.  I also want to give a big thanks to all of you who stopped by and left comments.  I hope to respond to all of your comments next week.  I am working on this blog post and then I am off to work in the studio to try and get some things made up for the show this weekend.  I am also still working my way through the rest of the wonderful soup participants.  I will get to your blogs, it is just going to be really really slowly.  Life is sort of getting in the way of my passion: blogging and beading!

This is what greeted us on Sunday morning, before our show.  It was sprinkling before we rolled into our site and then everyone was yelling there was a rainbow.  So, I got out of the car with the camera and took some pictures.  What a great way to start our show.

The screen we use to put earrings, pendants, and stainless steel necklaces on

The right side of the tent

The left side of the tent
The front of the tent

Mom and I had a wonderful time this year.  I did have my friend Lisa, who is such an awesome girl, come and help me set up.  Mom was still in her boot and I didn't want her to get hurt. 

One of the volunteers was going around taking photos and she took a picture of mom and I.  I usually don't like to have my photo taken, but I wanted one of us together.  I think we are looking fine!!!

This past Tuesday was a co-worker's 60th birthday.  I have known Donna since I was 12 years old.  Mom and Donna use to work together out at the airport on Purdue University.  Then 10 years ago I started working in the same department that mom worked in and then seven years ago I started working with Ms. Donna.  I have been waiting 10 years to decorate both mom's cube and Ms. Donna's cube for their 60th birthday's.  I missed both of their 50th birthdays, so I was making up for it.  I even told Ms. Donna she couldn't take the day off :)  My friend Lisa and I decorated the cube Monday night.  As you can tell I had a lot of fun!!!

This is the inside of the cube.  Yes, I tin foiled her chair, glasses, keyboard, mouse, keyboard tray, phone, her folders with her work papers, her two coffee mugs and spoon.  There are 180 balloons on the floor too.

This is Ms. Donna and me.  She was such a good egg for putting up with me!!!  You be the best Donna!

I don't think I have told you all that I have been exercising again.  Well, I have been.  I am on day 36 of keeping track of my food on  It is an awesome site and I highly recommend it.  I don't eat any differently than I did before, but I now know how many calories I am sticking in my mouth and I am watching how much I take in.

I am also on day 32 of exercising and day 10 of getting up at 4:30 in the morning to work out before heading off to work.  I have been using the 30 Day Shred and various walking tapes to keep me going.  I can tell a big difference in my attitude and how I feel.  I have my fingers crossed that I can keep this up.  It took me 10 years to get this way, I just hope it doesn't take me 10 years to get back into shape.  I just have to keep doing it.  Since I have made a routine out of it, I hope it becomes just something I need to do in the day.  Plus I like fitting in my smaller clothes again :)

This is how I have been feeling since Monday.  The exercise is helping but I feel like I need to bang my head against the wall.  Or, I feel like this:

A dog running in circles chasing its tail.  I have a decision I need to make and I feel like I am running, running, running in circles.  I thought I had made the decision a few months ago, but I seriously was not happy a few months ago, PISSED, was more like it.  I have since started exercising, thinking about what I want and I am so freaking confused. 

I am making a list of pros and cons.  I need to really figure out what I want and what I want to focus on.  Sometimes it can be so hard to be an adult.

But, this weekend is to be fun, not thinking about a decision I have to make (at least not yet).

This week is the 4th Annual Salt Fork River Festival at Sleepy Creek Winery.  Mom and I have been at this art festival since Joe and Dawn started it and we LOVE IT.

This year will have over 50 artists, live music and art demos.  If you are in the Danville/Oakwood area of Illinois I highly recommend stopping in.  This festival is so much fun, plus there is wine and wine slushies!

I guess that is it for now.  I am not sure if I will have time to blog this weekend or not.  We have an hour drive to Sleepy Creek on Saturday and Sunday, so who knows.  I just can't wait for this weekend.  Oh, forgot to tell you mom is now out of the walking boot and into regular shoes as of last night.  Mom can also now drive and I no longer have to drive her around.  YEAH, for both of us.  Have a great one everyone!


  1. 'sometimes its hard to be an adult'
    How true! Good for you for making a plan and writing about it. I think that by opening your intentions up you will realize them better than if you kept them hidden. I know that I need to get on this track with you. Time is the enemy on this one. That and the pesky day job that has me sitting at a computer for 8 hours straight.
    Enjoy the day, you two look great!

  2. great photos and I loved seeing your display for the show.....

  3. Great looks like it was a great fair - I hope you guys made a ton of money.

    Best of luck on your exercising/eating program...sounds like you are determined!

  4. Sounds like you both are on the mend and moving towards better days. I know how hard the diet thing is, my diverticulitus has forced me to really limit what I eat so I am hoping I will lose a few too. I am so limited I don't think I will need to keep track. The pounds better just fall off!! I can so relate to the pound your head thing! Hugs to you both.

  5. I love both the photos of you in this post. It's nice seeing familiar faces. Happy birthday to Donna!

  6. It is hard being an adult. Love this post - you're not making excuses and you're just doing it. Don't worry about the decision you made not seeming to be the right one - you get to change your mind as many times as you want. Good luck with everything.

    (I do feel very lucky to take the class with Barbara this Thursday! Thanks for stopping by as now I've got another great blog to follow. Love your soup necklace and your Mom sawing that owl out! Envy your relationship with her.)

  7. I just loved the screen where you put all the earrings on...wheredid you get iT?


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