Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where to Begin...

Earlier this week my back was killing me.  I seemed to be fine on Monday and Tuesday, but Tuesday night my left side started to really hurt.  I about started crying while I was taking a shower to go into work Wednesday and then when I got out of the car, at work, I had to slowly uncrink myself to stand up straight.  There were a few things I HAD to get done at work and then I left, went home and laid flat for the rest of the day.  I now know some of what mom goes through when her back and neck is acting up on her - it freaking sucks!  It is now Saturday and I think I am about back to normal, or as normal as I get :)

This is the garage right now.  Mom has all the inventory laid out because we need to see what got swiped at the show last week (we think a pair of earrings and ring were stolen) and we also need to start re-labeling everything for our last show of the year.  This show they give the artists vendor numbers and we have to use that on the inventory.  So, inventory, re-label and wipe everything down to get ready for the Frankfort show.

These are pieces that mom and I need to get filed and sanded so I can enamel them tomorrow.

These are done and all we need to do is form the large cirlce into a bowl and then enamel them.

Except for Wednesday and Friday night I have been on the torch making beads.  As you can see I like having a lot of glass out to play with.  Off to the left is also a box full of glass that I haven't put away yet.  I figure I hide the glass so mom doesn't freak out on me being messy :)

These are beads that need to be taken off the mandrels and cleaned.  But the following images are of the beads I have been working on this week.

These two beads are experimental beads - I wanted to see what the beads looked like before I made a whole set of them.  Plus mom tells me to make pairs, so if I don't like them at least she can make them into earrings.  Well, I like them so I plan on making up a set of these.

 These are my dew drop beads.  I am having a lot of fun making them because I love seeing the patterns that the frit makes when I shape the beads.

Today and tomorrow mom and I have a whole list of things we need to get done.  I am also meeting my best friend for lunch, yippee!  I have more beads I need to make, need to file and sand, inventory, make a couple of customer pieces, enamel, and order a whole list of things.  I love weekends like this!  I hope you all have a great one!


  1. Feel better! I love that drop with the fall colors - so pretty!

  2. Back pain is no picknic that's for sure! I hope it is better now.
    Lovely frit beads.

  3. take care of your back and rest....
    love your new beads especially the white/tan the dew drops....

  4. SO hope your back gets fixed. I have two degenerated disks in my lower and two in my upper back so I feel your pain. I have Lidocaine patches to use so I can avoid cortiosone shots.

    I hate when people steal. I would so much rather just GIVE it to them than have them steal it.

  5. I LOVE your drop beads, Beth. Especially that white one with the green frit and occasional orange. That looks just like a tree!


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