Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn's Last Hoorah

Today is I Heart Macro on Studio Waterstone's site.

Mom and I headed over to the hort park to the last of the flower pictures for this year.  I was surprised to see how many flowers were still in flower and I also loved seeing all the dead heads of the flowers that are gone for the year.  Today's I Heart Macro is the contrast between the flowers still blooming and the ones that have died.  I really love how these turned out.  So sit back, drink some coffee and enjoy.

Disclaimer - I didn't get photos of the plaques for some of these flowers so I am not sure what they are called.

I think both of these are Annual Blanket Flowers

I didn't get the names of these flowers, so calling them dead flowers:

Mom loves the shape of this flower - reminds her of a sculpture outside the
Visual Performing Arts building on campus

These are Pot Marigold

Mom thought this one looked like a tarantula

 These flowers are called Scabiosa

Mom and I have more flowers but you are just going to have to stay tuned for next weeks I Heart Macro.  I am off to clean the last set of beads I made yesterday and mom is out sawing out some pieces.  I think I have two more sets of beads I will list on the Etsy site tonight and possibly Viking Knit chain for sale (that is if mom gets it cleaned up so I can take pictures of it).  Keep a look out on the Etsy site.


  1. beautiful flowers even at the end of their life, and the colours are still pretty

  2. Cool pictures, even dead flowers have their beauty.

  3. Love those shots! The tarantula one really does resemble a tarantula and the scabiosa shell looks like something from little shop of horrors!

  4. Nature is so magical! There is beauty in everything, even dead or dying flowers. Very nice series.

  5. Good gosh, Beth. Those shots are gorgeous and I agree with your mom. That flower does look like a tarantula!

  6. interesting the photos, as is the changing of the seasons

  7. Such incredible shots! I love seeing how the gardens turns with the seasons...

  8. I love the first flower specially...don't ask why:) The second flower is red hat I think, I don't the names in english, only that one. Natures dead can be so beautiful:)

  9. wow, lots of interesting textures here! neat!

  10. They are beautiful in all stages of their life. Fantastic shots..

  11. Pretty, even as they fade away for the winter.


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